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Do you ever wonder…

(Originally published by Nattie on February 5, 2004)
why you wake up grouchy? I had a long day the day before, but I did get a full night’s sleep. I had no little ones waking me up in the middle of the night for sheet changes. I did toss and turn some, but that is normal.
I woke up once and had to go to the bathroom, but went right back to sleep. I’d actually had a nice quiet time the night before. So why did I wake up grouchy?

Everywhere I looked I saw clutter. Not nice cozy clutter, but junky clutter. I tripped over toys and had to dig through clean laundry to find clothes to wear.
I had to put those clothes on and trudge out into the icy cold with two rambunctious children. Children who didn’t see my goal of going directly to the car, but wanted to wander along the icy way.
I finally figured out that I’m just having a winter funk. I’m like a grizzly bear that has awakened from its midwinter nap to find its cave overrun with stuff.
I know having too much stuff shouldn’t be something to complain about, but there is something to be said for simplicity and not being tied to material things. I also want to tramp through the snowy woods alone. Not the icy woods that we have right now. I want soft crunchy snow. Not snow that has melted and refrozen to turn my driveway and sidewalk into a skating rink.
Complain. Complain. Complain. I can’t do anything about the ice, but I can do something about the cabin walls pressing in on me.
I turned on some inspirational music. I started with my downstairs closet. It is a big deep closet that runs the length of our stairs. It is wonderful for storage but horrible for just stuffing things in and forgetting about them. I draggged everything out, tossed some things, reboxed others and have now found a nook for our Christmas decorations that have been sitting in the living room for more than a month.
I also got my window seat cleaned off. It is similar to my desk as a clutter catcher. Mail, library books, board games—you name it. It is there.
I’m feeling a little bit better. Not quite so discontented. I’ve rested and I think I’m going to tackle another area soon.
I do have to say I am glad to be inside on a day like this. I just looked out the window and it is starting to snow. The wind is blowing and it doesn’t look at all inviting. I guess if I can’t have my snowy inviting woods, I can have my little cabin. So I will make my cabin in the snow as cozy as possible. I don’t want this to be the winter of my discontent.
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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