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who am I in Christ

There are times in my life when I flounder wondering who I am in Christ. There are days when my self worth is about [] that big. Especially on days when your children rave about the other woman in your ex husbands life about how great she is and about what wonderful presents she gives and about how pretty she is. And I keep reaching for something to remind me about who I am.
I don’t need to put her down even to remember that I am a daughter of the king and that the king is captivated by my beauty. But it is hard. And it has been a hard year.
There are times when you wish the devil didn’t know the buttons to push on the back of you head like Mark Hall from Casting Crown says. There are times when you wish there was a bag of chips and french onion dip calling your name. Times when you didn’t feel like drowning your sorrows in food instead of running to the comfort of the father. Abba, father.
Who am I? In the grand scheme of things I really am nothing, but in the heavenly scheme of things other woman or not…I am His. I am called. I am an adopted daughter of the King. I am a princess. I am the crown of creation. And when my heart fails within me I know that He is my portion. And He never changes. Always and forever.
And I may not have glossy brown hair and be a cute petite latino blankity blank, but I am a tall sexthy hot mama with legs up to my neck and big blue eyes. So take that…oops. That was my flesh talking there for a second.

6 Responses to “who am I in Christ”

  1. Becky Says:

    Beautiful Nattie – you inspire me.

  2. Stacey Says:

    Ah sweetie. (((hugs))) This road you are on is going to make you so strong!!! I love you, and am praying for you!

  3. Tina Says:

    Nattie, You are indeed captivating!
    Your post reminded me of a document I made up when I needed daily reminders of who God says I am … it is called “Who I am in Christ” and lists specific confessions along with the verses to back them up of who God says I am in Christ. If you want me to e-mail you this document, I’d be happy to.
    You’re wonderful!

  4. Zoe Says:

    You GO girl!

  5. Pattie Says:

    I wuv you Nattie! You are beautiful inside & out. I am sorry you have had a rough year, but you know what, I think you’re stronger for it. “The testing of our faith produces character,” the Bible says, and even though it hurts, it’s true. Kay Arthur has a great book out called “Like Silver Refined.” You’re going to be pure metal, baby, not full of dross. 🙂 Love you! Merry Christmas!

  6. Cynthia Says:

    Wow…you pack a punch girl, you brought me to tears! This post threw me back 13 yrs, to the time I had moved out with my kids in tow, living on my own for the first time in my life, crying myself to sleep, cuz it was not suppose to be like this…trying to find daily things to hold onto to keep me going and ever finding that there truly is ONLY one thing; Him whom we love, but who loved us first.
    The refiners fire is painful, hard and hot and no one wants to be there and you don’t wish anyone there…actually that is not true, cuz when we begin to embrace it, understand deeply that it is God truly showing up…in love, we want all to know Him the only way He can be known like this…thru the fire.
    Embracing, accepting with joy, or being content where we are doesn’t make it easier or less painful, but we have found a way (that is what faith is right? Hebrews 11:1) that allows us to recieve the lessons gained only by passing thru this place and we may find ourselves patient with the process. And even though to outsiders things may *look* however they look, we KNOW that ALL is in control, cuz we KNOW that the living God has showed up…
    Our lives may be surrounded by clouds and fire all the time but I think that clouds and fire often get a bad rap, for most think that sunshine & flowers are best…BUT the clouds, can protect us and fire, can reveal treasure in us…and they BOTH can reveal the GLORY of God, for within them – God speaks to us…and I for one want to hear Him more than I want sunshine or flowers…
    In Him!
    Your Sister, Cynthia