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The Letter A

(Originally published by Nattie on February 23, 2004)
We got Jonathan’s first progress report for preschool on Friday. The big thing we need to work on is letter recognition. I had slacked off in that department. Once he was in speech and then preschool, I just got lazy.
I figured if I’m working with Jonathan I may as well include Anna. So we are having theme days. Today was the letter A.

I went to Leann’s homeschool site and found some links there. I especially liked the Easy Fun School site.
So I taped an “Aa” flashcard to the entertainment center (we know they’re always looking there) and throughout the day I asked what letter it is. And we have “A” coloring pages. We’ve made paper airplanes. I had Jonathan make an “A” collage out of As he found in the Sunday paper. We’ve read Arthur books and made the letter “A” out of pencils.
I don’t know how you homeschoolers do it. This is hard work. The kids are having fun. But I must remember to put up the scissors when we aren’t working together. I forgot and Jonathan tried to cut Anna’s ponytail…again!
Life is never boring.
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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