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Not all dat

(Originally published by Nattie on February 23, 2004)
I watched “Lost in Translation” over the weekend. I only got it because it seemed to win every award on the Golden Globes and I thought I should check it out. It wasn’t all that.

I did have its hilarious moments like when Bill Murray’s character gets stuck on a elliptical machine because the machine prompts were Japanese. LOL! And the storyline had its merits, but I kept waiting for something to happen. It is a movie that would have been better as a book. Like “The Pianist”—a moving story, but it didn’t translate well into film. No pun intended.
And I tend to not like gritty, real movies. I’m an idealist. I like chick flicks. I like romance. I don’t like gratuitious violence. I don’t like reality in my movies or tv. I’m a dreamworld girl. There is enough reality in my life. Thank you very much.
Even though this is the case, I’m drawn to “The Passion of the Christ”. One reviewer described the bloody violence as often excrutiating to watch. Why would I want to see this?
Because I don’t think I live like I’m redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. Does anyone truly understand what Jesus, the man went through to save me? To save you? It isn’t a pretty picture. But I think it is a necessary movie for me to see. God is taking me on a journey. A journey of learning to live in His grace and mercy. Part of that journey is understanding just how much he really loves me.
I watched one interview with Mel Gibson and I loved how he said we are all culpable for Christ’s death. In the movie it is Mel’s hand holding the spike as they nail it into Christ’s hand. Wow! Oh, and I’m not seeing this movie because I think Mel is a hunk. 😉 He is a good looking man, but if I want an older man I prefer Sean Connery, Sam Shepard (with a beard—without he looks bare), Kris Kristofferson…well, you get the picture. 🙂
I’m also not too keen on the idea of people calling this an evangelizing tool. Yes, it could be, but…my husband isn’t a Christian. I know how he feels about people pushing religion down his throat. I wanted him to go see this with me. He has to work. No big deal. God doesn’t need a movie to move in my husband’s life, but I also think God is big enough to use a movie to move in someone’s life.
Anyway, I’m ready to see the movie with my dad. He is my date. 🙂 My church is providing child care so the kids are taken care of and I plan on eating out somewhere that doesn’t serve McNuggets. I’m bringing a box of Kleenex for the tears. Maybe I should bring a barf bag, too. Like I said, I’m not into violence. I guess that is why God gave me hands. I can cover my eyes if I have to.
Copyright Natalie Rose York
(Yes, we did. And we did have chicken…wings at TGI Friday’s. And she covered her eyes.—Nattie’s Daddy)

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