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storytime woes

(Originally published by Nattie on March 10, 2004)
I’m starting to wonder why I bother taking the kids to storytime. I come home so cranky and worn out. I haven’t been in the best of moods anyway since I’m still trying to get over my cold and I’ve been really achy. I hate being a meany, too. And invariably I have to be a meany and give the kids rules to stick by when we go to storytime. Today the rules were:

  1. no fighting over who gets to sit with Mommy. You will sit on your storytime mat.
  2. Only five books and one movie each.
  3. No kicking other storytime participants.
  4. Listen to Miss Beth

and the list goes on.
We can check out 10 books each, but they are so hard to keep track of that five each is just better, but Jonathan has to push the line. I say five and he says 10. I say pot-a-to. He says pot-ah-to. I get so tired of the fighting. If he isn’t fighting with me he is fighting with his sister. Here is a sample of the conversation on the way home from the library:

Anna—“I see my home.”
Jonathan—“No, I see MY home.”
Mom—“No, it is MY home!”

(That isn’t what I meant to say, but that is what came out; they are reducing me to talking like them!)
So I’m exhausted and cranky again. And bedtime is still three hours away. 🙁
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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