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Sometimes I wonder

(Originally published by Nattie on March 12, 2004)
why I blog. Rarely do I blog about anything truly meaningful or life changing. I guess reading my blog can be like searching for jewels in a load of crap. 😉 I do have a blog entry percolating on changing our appetite for spiritual food. Just something that has been rolling around in my rat trap of a brain. But today I’m just going to whine. So if you don’t want to hear me whine, stop right here.

This is an email I sent to some friends. I had been complaining earlier that it was so cold out and just seemed like a good day to stay in bed…

More reasons why I want to go back to bed.
~ we went to the grocery store. Jonathan got out of the car while I was unbuckling Anna and proceeded to almost kill himself by running in front of a moving van.
~ he whined the whole time we were in the store because I made him sit in the cart and wouldn’t let him have a kids cart.
~ he whined when I wouldn’t buy him candy. He said, “You never buy me anyting!” Hmph!
~ the mountain dew I drank this morning is giving me horrific gas. 😉
~ the kids whined for me to let them play outside. they were back in five minutes or less because they were cold and are now under my feet.
~ I still can’t breathe through my nose.
~ I’m still horribly achy.
~ Despite all my working out, my underwear is still too tight.
~ My children love to fight and seem to live for it.

But I guess I have to be thankful.
~ The van did stop!
~ Jonathan didn’t get hurt.
~ I have fresh muffins sitting on my stove.
~ We just had a nice lunch full of comfort foods
– pigs in a blanket, pringles, green beans and potato mix, and mac ‘n cheese.
~ We have a stack of library books to read.
~ We have central heat and lots of blankets to snuggle under.
~ It may not be warm, but it is sunny.
~ I really like my new rollabind journal.
~ I have a nice warm heating pad for my aching back.
~ I have diet coke in the fridge. Forget the mountain dew!
~ I am caught up on all my laundry. I only have bedding to wash. That never happens. 🙂
~ The only dishes in my sink are from breakfast and lunch so that load will be light.
~ I may be blonde, but I’m a cute blonde (at times). LOL!
~ I am loving Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore. I want to be Beth Moore when I grow up.
~ I got some really good mail yesterday. No bills just some books I’d ordered.
~ If I feel like watching tv, cable offers excellent reruns, like “I Love Lucy,” “Designing Women,” “Mad About You,” to name a few.
~ Thankfully my children haven’t passed out from my mountain dew gas.
Off to stop another fight…
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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  1. Skipper Says:

    This is why she blogged…so she could be with us forever.

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