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more joys of christmas break

* endless games of SORRY where only one person can win no matter how much you cry or scream or kick or yell or…you get the idea
* trying to explain exactly what the boy penguin and the girl penguin are doing in the March of the Penguins to make a baby penguin
* the carols of Pikman 2 playing in the background constantly
* calls of, “I’m hungry,” five minutes after you’ve eaten dinner
* cuddling on the couch to watch The Polar Express
* reading books together
* threatening to throw the Gamecube away if I hear one more fight break out
* threatening to throw myself in front of the train if they run in the apartment again…wait, they might like that?!
* threatening to take…insert toy here…if they fight over it again
* hearing one of the munchkins say, “I love you, mommy.”
I guess I’ll make it till January 9th. Maybe.

2 Responses to “more joys of christmas break”

  1. Zoe Says:

    I finally got to go watch Polar Express when ti was on the kids club show at our local cinema last week.
    I tell you what some of the scenes on that train scared the bejeebers out of me. I don’t do heights very well you see. Michael thought it was hilarious that I was scared by a cartoon.
    Hope you manage to hang in there until the school break is over. If you need to vent in the middle of the night try my email, you never know, I might be online.

  2. Pattie Says:

    Totally laughing at “Sorry.” We played it at my sister’s and she always won and Youngest DD always cried. *sigh*