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A Tale of Two Wormies

(Originally published by Nattie on March 29, 2004)
Spring has come to Small Town USA. The weather was fabulous on Sunday. Not too hot. Not too cold. It has cooled off this week and has been rather wet. You know what happens when it is wet? The dirt turns to mud. My kids love it.
Over the weekend they were digging in their Nana’s garden. Jonathan, my five-year-old, wanted to bring home some earthworms. I said, “No, thank you. I think they would miss Nana’s garden.” So he and his little sister, Anna, have been searching for earthworms in our little backyard plot.

Today they found two. They were itty bitty little things. I realized I hadn’t touched a worm since I was their age. I used to love mud and worms and such. What happened to that little girl? Now she cringes at mud mucking up her carpet and worms …eeew! Even when hubby and I used to go fishing, he baited my hook for me.
Jonathan named the first worm Harry Potter because it had a scar on it like Harry. 🙂 They made a little home away from home for it on my porch table. Lots of mud so it wouldn’t miss the ground. At some point in our play it wiggled away. So Anna went looking for another one.
“Here, wormie. Here, wormie,” she called out.
She shortly found one. This one did tricks. It didn’t like being held by human hands and wiggled all around. She named this one Princess. I wished I had a camera with me. She was such a portrait of contrast—cute blonde wavy hair blowing in her face, muddy hands and a little wormie in her hand.
She bent over it and said, “You a cute, wormie. Touch it, mommy.”
I hesitated and then thought, “What the heck.” I touched it. I didn’t die. In fact it didn’t feel strange or foreign at all. This time I helped make a little home for it. We got a little container and put mud in it. It was fun. I even got dirty myself.
Again the little wormie was determined to not stay in its new home. It wiggled out and got smashed by Jonathan.
“Oh, poor wormie,” Anna cried out. So we had a funeral for Princess. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Mud to mud.
We are expecting more rain. So I’m sure we will have more mud, and the kids are looking forward to another worm hunt tomorrow. What will they name these worms? Will mommy dig out a worm of her own? You never know. Maybe I’m having a second childhood. 😉
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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