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is it possible?

Is it possible that the bright shiny new year is already 3 days old? Let me see…Sunday morning I went to church. Yes, that was January 1st. The calendar says so. So it must be true.
The children went to their dads. I took down the Christmas tree. It was up a scant 17 days. Did you know that even fake trees drop pine needles? just sayin’.
I contemplated the bareness of my corner without the tree and decided to move the rest of my books the next day. I guess that would have been yesterday, Monday.
There are a few possible titles for this picture….
* you might be a redneck if you have a lawn chair in your living room
* welcome to the library of nattierose
* are all those unread?
or my personal favorite…
* home sweet home
I do hope to have a comfy chair in that corner at some point and I might get some bookshelves to replace some broken ones in the move, but I kinda like this style of book geek shabby chic.
Oh, and all of those are not unread. Some of those are very old and dear favorites that moved 2,222 miles with me. Some. Not all.
Today. Yes, the calendar says it is January 3rd. How can that be? I puttered around doing laundry. Lots of laundry. Enjoyed a tidy apartment for a few hours. Finished my 2nd book of the new year and started 2 more. Then picked the kids up from the visit with their dad. So much for a tidy apartment. But the apartment is now filled with shreiks and giggles, cabbage patch dolls and army men, smelly socks and pink polka dot socks that never make it to the laundry without an often not so gentle reminder.
It’s nice to have them back home again.
As long as I’m not expected to play Sorry!

One Response to “is it possible?”

  1. Pattie Says:

    book geek shabby chic….
    LOVE. IT.