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just swingin’

(Originally published by Nattie on April 14, 2004)
I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Isn’t it funny how a couple of days of illness can totally throw your house into disarray?! Well, there is a reason for that. God love him…my hubby.
Tuesday when I couldn’t scrape myself off the bathroom floor I had my daughter bring me the phone and I called my hubby. He called the greats (the kids’ great grandparents) and they took the kiddies for the day. So I had all day to puke as I pleased. Ha ha!

Then hubby took off work Wednesday. I wasn’t puking anymore, but I was still weak and wasn’t on solid food yet. Sometimes I wonder why I allow him to take the day off work because he does none of the work that I do in a normal day. I think he really thinks I sit on my tushy all day long.
So this morning I woke up to a double sink full of dishes, laundry that had bred to a the size of a small army in two short days, and general clutter. I’m still gaining my strength back, but so far today I’ve…
~ gone to the bank
~ gone to the grocery store
~ taken my son to speech therapy
~ taken the kids to the library
~ fixed lunch
~ fixed up an area for son’s “new” Super Nintendo so it is out of my way (it was in the middle of my kitchen—aargh!)
~ taken out four bags of garbage and two boxes of clutter (this is hubby’s “job” but I got tired of waiting for him to do it)
~ organized my CDs (hubby had knocked over the CD tower a while back and hadn’t put it back together—like I said, God love him cause he’s trying my nerves)
~ listed some old CDs that I don’t listen to on half.com
~ decluttered my desk and surrounding area (a major hotspot)
~ done a load of dishes
~ done a million loads of laundry (okay, maybe not that many, but quite a few)
~ decluttered the top of the refrigerator
~ took a shower (cuz I was stinky after all that work)
Now I’m getting ready to fix dinner. Thank God for Hamburger Helper. The kids love it and ground chuck was on sale—buy one package, get one free (I feel like Kim).
I have a “Ready to Learn” workshop at the library and then home again for me. “Friends” is a repeat tonight, but the “American Idol” results show is on so I guess my evening won’t be a total wash.
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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