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Photo call

Nattie Reads
First, thanks to Heather, Jen, Nattie’s Mom (Happy Birthday!), Skipper, Cynthia, Maria, Cathie Jo, StephanieG, Aunt Anne, Dana, Becky, Lizas’ Eyeview, Pattie, Heather R, Mary Lynn, BlondeBlogger, Joy, Wendy, Cheryl, Jane, Dawn and everyone else who has vsited and commented recently.
Some of you may have missed this comment that was added to a recent entry.

Hi Natties dad,
I go to church where Natalie went to and also started the MOMS group there. I work in the children’s department and on the children’s ministry team and we have been discussing the library we are going to do in Natties honor. We would like to call it the Natalie Rose Garden Library or something along those lines and once completed we would like to do a dedication of the library in her honor. We would like to have a picture of Natalie to frame and put in the library. Might you be able to get us a picture of Natalie that you would like to see put up in memory of her in her library? We would really appreciate any help.
Thanks so much. Just so you know, she is not forgotten and she is thought of often. I miss her and what strength she showed and stood for. I only hope I am living a life like hers, faithful and pure of heart.—jen lewis

Jen, that is a great idea. Unfortunately, most of what I have are low-resolution jpgs such as the one above—which may not be the best, but certainly is appropriate. I don’t know if I have anything that would print larger than a postage stamp. If anyone else has a negative or a high-res scan that could be printed to 8×10 or larger, please let me know.

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  1. Heather Says:

    I don’t think any of mine are High-Res either. If we could hack into her Flickr account, we could get the high res versions of all her photos. Does anyone have the files that were on her computer?
    This is so beautiful. Hopefully, one day, I can visit this library.

  2. Maria Says:

    I don’t have a picture of Nattie – but I would love to donate something for the library – can you give me some contact information for that purpose

  3. StephanieG Says:

    What an amazing tribute!!! And THANK YOU for continuing to keep Nattie alive in our hearts through her words…There’s so much comfort in knowing I can come here to get my Nattie fix when I start missing her wit…it will never be the same as getting it directly, but until we’re all in heaven together again it will definitely do!!

  4. Cathie Jo Says:

    I posted this to the founders of WAH. We were in Dallas a couple of years ago all together for the weekend. I asked them if they have any pictures maybe also. I’ll let you know if we find something. This is just SO NAT.. she has got to be smiling down from Heaven over this..

  5. Jen Lewis Says:

    Hi Natties Dad,
    Thanks for posting an all call for a great picture of Nattie. I have saved this picture on my computer and sent it into get processed. It didn’t turn out too bad. If anyone has found a good picture of Nattie or was able to break into her photo files, please send me some.
    A library update: We have the bookshelves up and are starting to fill them with books currently. They look a bit bear, but we will get there. We have a computer for all to use, some lounge chairs and a couple of smaller half round tables in there. We are still working on pegs for hanging jackets and stuff like that. We have someone painting roses in the room (as she is Nattie Rose). We are planning the dedication to be done during children’s week which is the first week of June.
    Thanks again for all your help. I will keep you posted on the progress.

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