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100 Things about me, continued

(Originally published by Nattie on May 26, 2004)
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And I’ll continue on #5…
5. I loathe storms. I don’t mind the thunder, but I live in constant fear of lightning strikes and tornadoes. I can’t be in a storm without jumping at every flash of lightning and don’t even say the words “tornado warning” around me unless you want to see a pile of goo at your feet. I would be the goo. Seriously though, I think I do pretty well with the kids. I pretend to not be afraid. We sit and sing “Jesus Loves Me” at the top of our lungs although they may sense something is wrong when my eyes won’t leave the Weather Channel and I chew my nails. But I do like a light spring storm with no hail or severe ickiness. I even listen to a “Summer Storm” tape on occasion, but that is a tape. It isn’t the real live rolling thunder and crashing lightning.

6. I love spring. Spring makes me feel alive. I love watching the budding trees and flowers. I love the lush greeness of the grass. I love the cool breezes that blow through open windows. Achoo! Of course, it makes me sneeze. But I love it anyway.
7. I don’t like reality tv. I have enough reality in my life. I don’t need any more. The only reality tv I watch is “American Idol” and that is more of a talent show. It isn’t 12 people singing on an island and then voting each other off. It isn’t 12 people living in a house together, singing and voting each other out of the house. It isn’t 12 people dating each other, singing and then voting someone out because they aren’t a good kisser. Okay, maybe they do live together, but they don’t show much of that and they may date each other but they don’t show that either. They do show them singing— A LOT! And of course you get to hear the pithy, witty and cruel criticisms of Simon Cowell. *rolls eyes* I enjoy the music. I’m a singing wannabe. I don’t have a good voice. I do have a good ear, but that doesn’t keep me from singing in tune. I do sing well in a choir. I like to blend and harmonize, but solo singing leaves me “pitchy” as Paula, Randy and Simon would say. I like a lot of different styles of music—country, opera, pop. I even occassionally like a rap song or a heavy metal song. Occassionally.
Enough about me for now…
100 Things About Nattie To Be Continued—again.
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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