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Friday Felicities 8/26

1. blogging my felicities on my blog again
2. the grace of God which passes all understanding
3. heating pads
4. ibuprofen
5. free multigrain bagels
6. friends who are answers to selfish little prayers
7. silly jokes that make you laugh so hard your belly hurts
8. Blue Collar Comedy
9. Sara Groves
10. a home church that has embraced me and cared for me like family
11. a 5 year old that loves learning so much that she begs for “homework” like her bubby
12. a 7 year old that loves to pray
13. a warm bed
14. a roof over my head
15. dirty dishes in my sick (only because it means that we are well fed)
16. that i’ve lost 40 lbs since March
17. books!
18. diet coke
19. 3 musketeer bars
20. mint foot lotion
21. bath beads
22. home pedicures
23. David Crowder Band
24. hot water
25. hanes socks
26. the sound of cicadas on a summer evening

4 Responses to “Friday Felicities 8/26”

  1. Nancy S. Says:

    Hey Nattie:
    I’ve been thinking about you and the writing group you used to have! That was fun. Glad to see you have a blog up and going again! I got a 360* yahoo blog it’s fun and easy to add pics. to. Nancy S.

  2. stephanie Says:

    ((Nattie)) . . . and now you are making me crave a 3 muskateer. Thanks! 🙂

  3. ~Leann Says:

    What a great list!!! (((((Nattie)))))

  4. aj Says:

    I knew I loved you….Diet Coke AND Three Muskateers? Perfect snack.