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Library update from Jen

Hi all,
We have a date for our library dedication for Natalie Rose. It will be on Sunday, May 31st beginning at 10:30am.
Our children at our church have starting taking over the worship part of the service on every 5th Sunday and it just so happens that May 31st is a 5th Sunday. So our worship portion will be conducted by the children’s department and we will then do a dedication presentation of the library. After the service is completed, we will be having cookies in the library.

I am not going to tell what the name is going to be as it will be announced officially library dedication day.
If anyone wants to donate books (children’s books) we will be putting a sticker in them reading “Donated by…. in honor of Natalie Rose,” or if anyone wants to donate monetarily for books and anything else needed for the library, we would gladly accept that in honor of Natalie Rose as well and all the money collected will be spent in the library.
If you would like to make a donation, please make checks out to Alexandria Church of the Nazarene and place on it “Natalie Rose Library.” Books and donations can be sent to Alexandria Church of the Nazarene at 1401 S. Harrison St., Alexandria, IN 46001 (please mark it “to Missy Beeman for Natalie Rose Library”). Thanks so much. Any questions, or more details, please contact me at jslewis2001 (AT) att.net.
God bless,

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  1. Skipper Says:

    It’s going to be great!

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