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she lives

I could go into a litany of why I haven’t been blogging, but I’ll keep it short and sweet to save you the agony of my drama queen whining and say…
*signed FINAL divorce papers
*been sick
*still sick
*every other adjective that describes the above 4 items
*decided that being the mother of a little boy with Asperger’s is blank (insert own adjective or adverb here) as if I didn’t know that before
there is a but…God is good all the time. All the time God is good. Sometimes things are rough and sometimes I don’t feel like I know where I’m going or what I’m doing, but God does. And if I quiet myself and listen to his still small voice I’m okay. He just blesses my socks off by being God. The one stable thing in my life. He doesn’t change. His character isn’t different than it was 2000 or 4000 years ago. And sometimes I could kick myself for not figuring this all out sooner. I wish I hadn’t tried to fill that God shaped hole with alcohol or sex or food or tv or books or movies. I wish I’d understood that God just wants me. Not perfect me. Not spiffed up polished me. Just broken little Nattie who mumbles and has low self esteem and ALL the baggage that I was carrying around with me.
God wants you too.
Did I say this would be a simple entry? Well sometimes I just gotta say, Glory! Sometimes my soul is just shouting and dancing even when my body feels like mush. Can I get a GLORY in the house?

6 Responses to “she lives”

  1. Misty Says:

    GLORY and AMEN!

  2. Cathie Jo Says:

    G-L-O-R-Y sugar, Glory…

  3. Pattie Says:

    Yes. Glory to Him! (I’m doing a Beth Moore study at church and when she said “Glory!” today I thought immediately of YOU.) 🙂

  4. Dawn Says:


  5. Maria Says:


  6. Zoe Says:

    Will that do ya?