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more evidence

more evidence is being found of God’s blessings and His goodness.
Over the next four months…
* I get to volunteer at an Acquire the Fire concert and see Jeremy Camp not to mention seeing the awesome work of God in some of today’s youth.
* I am going to the Hearts At Home Conference with my bud, Cheryl. I’m so stoked. Sara Groves is going to be there. And Julie Ann Barnhill. And Lysa Terkeurst. And Cheryl!!!!
* I am going to…wait? Am I allowed to tell? Well, it’s in April. And it’s in Texas. *zerberts* And I’m going to have fun.
* I am going to be a youth chaperone to the Icthus Festival. Do you know what bands are playing there?! Think I can knock the youth aside and join the mosh pit. LOL
Even though I’m still sick, I feel deliciously light and free. Of course, it may just be my Scarlett O’Hara delusion about not thinking about the ickies today. But who wants to think about the ickies today when there are hoop skirts and ball gowns that we can think about. Or songs like Sing Like The Saved by David Crowder Band (who is going to be at Icthus, btw) dancing through our heads. The ickies will always be with us. Let’s not dwell on them and think on the what is lovely and pure instead.

4 Responses to “more evidence”

  1. Maria Says:

    Icthus!!! I loved Ichthus!!! I went two different years in college and one of them Michael W Smith and DC Talk were there! So cool! I want pictures!

  2. Pattie Says:

    COOL! I’m glad you have so many good things to look forward to!!!

  3. Charity Says:

    As always, you bless when you write. Thankyou for sharing a bit of your life and your heart. And how awesome to have those things to look forward to!! You’ll have a great time. 🙂

  4. Chris Says:

    I saw Jeremy Camp perform last year with MercyMe…that was such a good concert! I like Sara Groves a lot too.
    Sounds like you’re going to be busy. Hope you have fun at all these events.