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life turns, life rolls

(Originally published by Nattie on September 08, 2005)
Life turns and it rolls and sometimes I find myself hard pressed to roll with the punches. Thus why I’ve not been blogging much lately.
There have been good thing and not so good things going on, blessings and growth opportunities.

Here is a bulleted list of both over the past month or so…
* my 7 yo started 1st grade
* I did not get the library job
* my 5 yo started preschool
* my pastor came up to me and said, “I heard you have a large phone bill you can’t pay. We’d like to pay it for you.”
* my 7 yo is hurt and confused
* my 5 yo has developed a whopping attitude fitting a 15 yo at least
* a 31 yo I know has a constant headache
* people calling up saying we have money for you half an hour after I pray for God to provide
* church members buying shoes for my children
* another church member showering my 5 yo with the 4 prs of shoes in the EXACT size she wears without knowing the size, just knowing the need
* two children who miss their absent dad and haven’t spent a weekend with him in over a month because he is working seven days a week
* a 31 yo who is clinging to God as her husband, her provider, her best friend and in so many ways feels more fulfilled in the midst of the chaos than she has ever felt before
* 40 days of prayer and fasting at my church
and that just skims the surface my friends.
But you must remember these words that I’ve been taking comfort in –

“Cause that’s just how it goes
How life turns…how it rolls
Through the fire and through the pain
It may hurt…it may bruise
It may leave you confused
But you will be okay
Cause His kind of love is a love
That won’t walk away”
~ from “A Love That Won’t Walk Away” by Jess Cates and Ty Lacy

Copyright Natalie Rose York

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