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Relay for Life

As previously stated, this year’s Relay for Life will be on Saturday, June 6. I renewed the team “Remembering Natalie Rose York,” but I seem to be unable to adequately handle more than one thing at a time and have let arrangements slide. Consequently, we now have barely one month remaining and I have done virtually nothing about it in the past two. So we’re back to the old familiar mode of stamping out fires.

Pattie's LuminariaPattie's other side
Pattie made these luminaries for her hometown Relay for Life. Thanks for sharing, Pattie.

First fire: I need T-shirt sizes ASAP. In March I promised to send a “Relay for Life” shirt to anyone who donated a minimum of $20 to the American Cancer Society at our team site. Then I lost track of time. Now I need to turn in shirt sizes and I haven’t even asked for your money yet. So here it is.
Please go to the “Team Nattie” site and donate as you are able.
Nobody is keeping score. I don’t know if anyone other than I can see the amount of individual gifts. If for some reason you cannot make your donation now, but intend to before the event, please email your size to geoffc AT gearanon DOT com and I will go ahead and add it to the list. If you are completely undecided, shirts are always available at the event, but I can’t guarantee your size selection.
Second Fire: I also promised to mail a luminary to anyone requesting one with a $10 donation. The idea is that you will decorate it in any way you wish, and return it to me before June 5.
Then I will put sand and a candle in it for the Luminaria Ceremony at the end of the Relay. And, if I don’t lose track of where it is, I will email you a photo of your luminaria illuminated and in place after dark at the event site.
So, let’s say, I need those requests as soon as possible, too. I was able to pick up only a dozen luminaria sacks at the meeting this week, so let me know ASAP if I need to call in and ask for more.
In both cases, I need your snail mailing addresses. You may be asked for this information when you visit the site, but I can’t find it, so please email it to geoffc AT gearanon DOT com, too.
Finally, this is almost irrelevant at this point, but maybe I should mention it. Next year, the word from on high is that the minimum donation for anyone requesting a T-shirt will be $50. For what it’s worth.
Also, don’t forget the dedication of the library being constructed in Nattie’s honor at her Alexandria Nazarene Church on May 31.
Is that enough information for now? If you have any questions, either put them in the Comments to this entry or email them to the address above. Just change “AT” and “DOT” to the appropriate symbols. I’m sure you figured that out already, but didn’t want anyone to have a problem and think I had no idea what I was talking about. I mean, I don’t, but I try not to make i that obvious!
I’ll be talking to you again, soon! (((((Y’all)))))

2 Responses to “Relay for Life”

  1. Heather Says:

    I will be donating $20, once I figure out how to get it out of my paypal account now that all of my account #s have changed and we have moved. LOL! But, I am a size medium.

  2. Pattie Says:

    I will be participating on June 6th in my town’s Relay again here in ND. I’ll of course be remembering Natalie. As always.

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