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making my skeletons dance

I read a quote on a board today that made me think. As many of you know I read all the time. I mean…ALL. THE. TIME. If I could drive while reading I would.
And these boards with quotes on them tickle me to death with their misspelled words and possible meanings. Today…outside of a rental office…read the quote, “If you can’t clear the skeletons out of your closet you best teach them to dance.”
For one thing, why in the world does a realtor have a quote like this on their sign and for another it got me thinking about my skeletons. What skeletons do I have in my closet? I really don’t think I have any. I have moments I’m not truly proud of, but I don’t have any real secrets. If you ask me, I’d tell you.
Why? Because I taught my skeletons to dance. Or rather, God did. What do I mean by they dance. Well, they aren’t really entertaining, but I bring them out occassionally to help teach object lessons or to let others know that they are not alone. God brought me to a place where being transparent was healthier than being a locked door.
That’s what I mean about my skeletons dancing. I have them. Every one does, but are they dusty and in the back of your closet or are they out being used as a discipling tool.
Just a thought from this skull of mine…

2 Responses to “making my skeletons dance”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I listen to books on tape from the library so I CAN read while driving!!!!

  2. Pattie Says:

    Clackity-clack, I hear dem bones rattlin’!
    What a great insight! Thanks for sharing it!