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the Rose Reading Garden is now open

The Sunday morning library dedication far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Jen, Missy and Pastor Mark. It was an emotional service…at least for me.
I was proud of my daughter for fatherly reasons. I never knew her the way other people did. Hearing her friends tell how she affected them as a woman, mother and fellow church member, will never cease to amaze me.
This area was virtually destroyed by water damage a few months ago. Volunteer members did an excellent job repairing and remodeling everything.

The rosebush the church gave to Jonathan, Anna and Wes in memory of Natalie Rose is kinda hard to see there on the table.
I had Jonathan and Anna stand here for a photo. Then after they had moved on I noticed the picture of their mom — reading, naturally — and Jen’s framed presentation above their heads. Here are those words that she wrote, and read in the dedication service.

Natalie Loved To Read. You often found her with a book in her hands, sitting with the kids at the library or blogging about the many books she was reading or re-reading.
Natalie Loved Kids, especially her own. She was involved in our Children’s Department; on the Building Blocks committee, working in the nursery, teaching VBS and Caravan.
Natalie Loved Her Friends; remembering birthdays and anniversaries. She could be found encouraging friends during trying times, crying with them during times of pain and rejoicing with them during joyful times.
But Most of All, Natalie Loved Her Lord. She trusted HIS Will, HIS Strength, HIS Love in all she did. She didn’t have a lot in this world, but she had a lot with her LORD. She knew no matter the need, HE would provide and HE did.
Today, we dedicate a library in our Children’s Department in Natalie Rose York’s honor. We have beginning readers, chapter books, children’s bibles, a computer station with fun and educational games, movies and music.
We thank Natalie’s Mom and Stepfather for giving us our starting capital for the library and also to everyone who has donated a book, money, movie, cd, or anything to make the library continue to grow and thrive.
Today, May 31st 2009, we officially open the Rose Reading Garden in honor and love of Natalie Rose York.

Jen, I want you, and everyone else who participated or donated, to know that we appreciate your efforts very much. Either the library alone, or the most generous gift to Relay for Life in Natalie’s memory, would have been a wonderful honor, but both… Our gratitude exceeds my vocabulary.

11 Responses to “the Rose Reading Garden is now open”

  1. Heather Says:

    This is so beautiful! I am so glad the kids and Wes got to be there. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!
    My shirt arrived today. Thank you!

  2. Nattie's Daddy Says:

    You’re very welcome, Heather. Thanks to you for your donation, and to the USPS for two-day delivery at no extra charge!

  3. Maria Says:

    how beautiful!!

  4. Monika Says:

    Oh my gosh – absolutely beautiful. Nattie must be smiling, I just know it!!!

  5. Nattie's mom and John Says:

    Thanks to the Alexandria Nazarene church for your prayers and support of Natalie and her family in the 5 or 6 years she attended the church before the Lord took her to her heavenly home. Words cannot express my gratitude. Ephesians 1:16 “I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.” And thanks to all her friends that still pray for Jonathan and Annabelle. God bless.

  6. vickig Says:

    Can financial and/or book donations still be made?

  7. Jen L. Says:

    I have the same question as Vicki – can we still make a donation?
    The dedication is beautiful. I can’t believe how much Anna looks like Nattie!

  8. Pattie Says:

    Beautiful, moving, wonderful. Thank you to the church for honoring her in this way. Thank you to her family for shaping Nattie into such an amazing woman. God bless you, Jonathan and Anna. I still remember when you ran around the Bass Pro tents with my girls…

  9. Ashley Says:

    This is wonderful! SO very Nattie Rose!

  10. Cheryl Says:

    How beautiful, and what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful women.

  11. StephanieG Says:

    Absolutely FABULOUS!!! I can’t think of a more fitting honor for Nattie…just perfect!! I can’t get over how big the kids are getting!! They look fantastic!

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