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Things you might want to know

It was purely by coincidence that Natalie’s “Happy Birthday to Me” entry came around the day before our local ACS Relay for Life. And that just one day prior to the second anniversary of her passing. Some might call it ironic. I guess i would as well. But I post them as they come around, and that’s the way it rolled.
Regarding the June 5 “Happy Birthday” post and the June 7 anniversary, please read Heather’s beautiful letter on her site.
If anyone else has written “a letter to Nattie” this year, please send me a link to your blog or a copy that I may post here.
Meanwhile, this year’s Relay was the polar opposite of last year’s.
None of the out-of-towners could make it, and it didn’t rain. Scattered clouds and a light breeze kept the 80-degree temperatures and 50-percent humidity from becoming oppressive. Between laps of the track I sat comfortably in the shade while Anne knitted socks for soldiers. Several larger groups conducted raffles, bake sales, and other fund-raising events, but as most of our members live at least 100 miles away, I was satisfied with our effort.
Hundreds of participants continuously circled the track, and the crowd built as the day went on. And when the sun went down I was actually able to get some photos of the luminaria. It was one of the few times I had wished for one of my old 35mm Nikon film cameras, lately. Perhaps if I knew my digital “point-n-shoot” a little better I might have gotten better low-to-no-light pictures…but maybe you get the idea.
Thanks to all of you who contributed to the American Cancer Society this year in support of our team “Remembering Natalie Rose York.” Due in large part to the Alexandria Nazarene MOMS, we collected $592.89. Thank you for remembering Nattie so generously.

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  1. Heather Says:

    I actually think that picture turned out beutifully, Geoff. 🙂

  2. Skipper Says:

    God bless you all.

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