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rain rain

(Originally published by Nattie on May 12, 2006)
rain has descended upon small town USA and has not left it for what seems like days. It doesn’t even feel like spring anymore because it isn’t a warm rain. It is a cold gusty rain. Much like Pooh’s blustery day rain. Brrr.
And I get to participate in a walk a thon tomorrow in it. Yippee. Color me excited. Thrilled. Tickled pink. Or blue. Because that is what I’ll be from the cold. Brrr.

Okay, I’m done whining, but the cold weather does make the dormant teddy bear in me come out. I just want to cuddle up in bed under a quilt and read. And read and read and read.
So cozy. The only thing better would be a roaring fire and a significant other to cuddle with. Well, I do have two squirmy others that try to cuddle, but one has cold feet (Anna) and the other can’t sit still for more than two minutes (Jonathan).
Copyright Natalie Rose York

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