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the telling

(Originally published by Nattie on May 18, 2007)
There is little that is harder than calling your mom who lives 2,000 some miles away and saying, “The doctor thinks it looks like lymphoma.” Even harder is calling your dad who is only 20 miles away and can’t drive and say the same thing.
The list of calls you have to make seems a mile long and you have to pray for strength even if you are only leaving a message on an answering machine. The telling is not the easiest thing.
Copyright Natalie Rose York
Note: Natalie later admitted that she really hadn’t heard, and had to ask Wes’ grandmother, what the doctor had said. She wasn’t sure, either, but thought it was something that ended with “-oma.” Lymphoma, carcinoma, whatever…within three weeks it would make no difference. (((Y’all)))—ND

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