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Is that all there is?

(Originally published on Thursday, June 21, 2007)
Thank you (have I said that before?) for continuing to visit NattieRoseWrites.com. I had no intention, I can assure you, of becoming a blogger when—less than a month ago—I posted my first update in my daughter’s stead.
Many of you have thanked me for continuing to post. Surely you have noticed that I lack a certain quality that made this site so popular and its author so well loved. I ain’t Nattie…OK? (Insert smile, here.)
Sometimes, we parents tend to think of our children as extensions of ourselves. Although we know better, we expect them to adopt our friends, adapt our logic, to assess their situations and make their decisions in the same ways we would. This, however, is rarely, if ever, the case.
Our offspring are the products of their genes and environments, not ours. My Natalie did not get her sweet optimistic spirit from me.
But Natalie isn’t blogging anymore. And, now, the updating is done. Although we will continue to grieve indefinitely, we have said our goodbyes. her “Hobbit House” is empty, her accounts closed, her books donated to her church and her library.
Jonathan and Anna miss their Mom, to be sure, but they now live with their dad and look forward to their birthdays in July.
All we have left are memories, a few photographs…and her written words. All I have left to say is a polar opposite to what you have come to expect to read, here.
I know that Nat is having the time of her life, but all I want to talk about is how unhappy I am. I feel sorry for myself—to say nothing of her mom, her kids, her extended family and all her friends—because the world just isn’t the same without her.
Because many people still visit daily, I don’t intend to remove this blog anytime soon. Fortunately, I am a minority investor in the box that serves the site, and the domain is registered for a few more years.
But I also know that those readers will soon fade away if new material is not added frequently, so I had an idea…
Thanks to Heather, Joanne and Cynthia from W@H, and the internet “Wayback Machine,” I have the posts published on the original “Nattie Writes,” dating back to mid-2003.
I also have some things she wrote in the years before blogging became such an important part of her life and yours.
If you would like me to periodically post this material—some of it previously published, and some of it not—let me know. Otherwise, I cannot imagine that you would be interested in anything more that I could add.
Thanks for caring! (((((Y’all!)))))

(December 17, 2009—Well, here we are again… Second verse, same as the first… Is anyone interested in a repeat performance?
I wish I had something new to offer. More than that, I wish Nattie were here, writing her own words of insight. I’m batting zero for two.
Though only a fraction of what the traffic once was, a significant number of unique visitors still stops by this site daily. Who are you? Are you looking for something new or another serving of the original? Or is it time to lay her words to rest, as well?
Who is interested in supporting “Team Nattie” at next year’s Grant County Relay for Life? What about her church’s Rose Reading Garden? I am reluctant to ask for gifts at this time of economic uncertainty, when all of you have friends and family of your own who demand your attention. If anyone is interested, I can re-post that information. Shall we continue? Let me know. Please. And thank you!
Meanwhile, may this Christmas season be most merry for you and yours.)

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