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ABC’s of Nattie

I am trying to get back into the swing of blogging and found this at Rocks In My Dryer
Accent: uh, none
Bible Book that I like: Psalms, of course, but I also love Isaiah and Hebrews.
Chore that I don’t care for: Cleaning toilets. ‘Nuff said.
Dog or Cat: Usually cat, but I always wanted to have a house so I could have both.
Essential Electronics: My laptop and my ipod.
Favorite Cologne: Something light and pretty…right now it is a rose scent.
Gold or Silver: Silver, of course
Handbag I Carry most often: This mammoth purse that my whole life fits in like whatever book I’m reading plus all the other essentials.
Insomnia: ALL the time. How do you think I read so much?
Job Title: Jill of all trades. Master of none. i.e. Mom and Curves employee
Kids: 2 rambunctious imaginative children – Jonathan 7 years old and Anna 5 years old
Living Arrangements: a hobbit sized apartment shared with above children
Most Admirable Trait: ummm…empathy
Naughtiest childhood behavior: giving my new kitten a bath in a full bottle of Johnson’s baby wash. That cat never did like me. Wonder why?
Overnight hospital stay: Tonsils when a toddler, With my 2 babies, those horrid days when they couldn’t figure out what was wrong and then last year when I had the blood clot *shudders*
Phobias: Running out of reading material
Quote: I love quotes…I can’t pick just one, but here is one I’ll share…
“Happiness is inward and not outward; and so it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are.” ~ Henry Van Dyke
Religion: Saved by Grace follower of Christ
Siblings: Essentially an only child. I do have a step sis, but we never had to live together.
Time I wake up: At the absolute last moment I have to
Unusual Talent or skill: I can pick up things with my toes..like toys while I’m carrying a basket of dirty laundry. It goes to that Jill of all trades. Master of none.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussel sprouts. sick and wrong.
Worst habit: procrastination
X-rays: too many to count. My nickname is Grace.
Yummy stuff I cook: Whatever I set my mind to…pasta, homemade pizza, cookies…but if I cook, you have to clean up.
Zoo animal I like most: The apes and the big cats…I like them all. God’s creation is beautiful.
I tag anyone who wants to play along!

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