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Happy Birthday, Natalie!

I can’t think of many words that haven’t been said already. But it doesn’t seem possible that this is the fifth year we’ve had to celebrate your birthday without you. Or that it was 38 years ago tonight that we welcomed you into the world. And the nurse handed you, to your mother and asked us, “What’s her name?”

And the next day I sat in the hospital room, held you and watched some guy they called “Juice” set a new NFL season rushing record.

That was a much happier time. Or more innocent. Maybe ignorance truly is bliss.

But we know you no longer feel the pains of the body you left behind. And you probably saw Wes move the family so Jonathan and Anna could attend better schools. They seem to be thriving, making new friends, and growing like Hoosier corn in the summertime.

That makes us all happy.

We love you, and will miss you terribly…until we meet again.


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Natalie!”

  1. Maria Says:

    I made the comment to my husband tonight (It is still the 14th here) that tomorrow was Nattie’s birthday. I have probably thought about her more in the last days and weeks that I have in awhile, and that is not to say she is ever very far from my mind. She isn’t, but in these last days and weeks she has certainly been closer to me. I miss her, I miss the friendship we had and I miss what that friendship could have developed into in the intervening years.

    Know that you, her mom, Anne, the kids and all those that knew and loved Nattie and called her family are on my heart and mind and in my prayers tomorrow and through out this Christmas season.

  2. Suuny Says:

    Natalie Rose

    Perfect Daughter,

    Perfect Mother,

    Perfect Angel.

    You are missed.

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Nattie has been on my mind this month already, she shares her birth month with my Daddy…wonder if they have met in heaven? She is missed deeply by many. Sending love and hugs…

  4. StephanieG Says:

    You are still loved and missed every day…its days like this that we get to celebrate the friend, mother, and amazing woman you were.

  5. Jen Says:

    You come to my mind often. In days that are stormy and I am feeling tested, your strength and your faithfulness to God and His time, Will and Power always reminds me that the storms will pass and push my eyes up to Him.
    When we sing Blessed be your name, I sing louder, smile and think of you. When I pass the library, I chuckle and think, wonder how many books Nattie has in her palace in heaven.
    When I walk through your library at church, I stop to read your words in the scrapbook as you always said it better than I could.
    Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas. I bet you are rockin it in Heaven with Jesus!!!

  6. Monica Says:

    My beautiful friend you are missed.

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