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just general shtuff and nonsense

*memorial day was hot
*hot, hot, hot
*it was 91 degrees at 10:30 am
*the kids and i tried to picnic at the park, but we only lasted an hour
*then we visited family
*then i battled with water balloons that did not want to be filled or tied
*then i battled clutters last stand
*i have a bedroom again and not a resting place for clothes
*there is still some clutter behind the door
*don’t tell
*also rearranged the furniture in the living room
*i had some restless energy yesterday
*the neighorbood kids think it is great to play ding dong ditch
*i think they like to hear me yell at my kids to not open the door
*i think i’ll just unplug the doorbell
*i finally got working on my Living Beyond Yourself vidoes and homework
*i also started my first book for the summer reading challenge
*now i have to go back to work
*good thing i like it
*have blessed lazy, summer days

2 Responses to “just general shtuff and nonsense”

  1. Heather Says:

    I have to go back to work tomorrow too. I wish I liked my job. LOL!

  2. Angieo Says:

    It was so stikin hot – I know! I went camping in Southern IN. In a tent… with no showers or running water at all. Yeah, lots of fun when it’s so hot and humid you can’t breathe!
    We have to get together sometime!

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