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silly quiz time

Your Passion is Purple!

You’ve got a ton of passion, but you don’t always wear it on your sleeve.
If something truly excites you, you let your inner intensity shine through.
But otherwise, your passion tends to morph into energy … which you never lack.
You’re a balanced woman, knowing when to turn on the fire in your heart.
What Color is Your Passion?

One Response to “silly quiz time”

  1. Heather Says:

    Your Passion is Red!
    You’ve got that spark – a good dose of intensity, power, and determination.
    You do whatever you want in life … to hell with what anyone thinks!
    With so many interests and loves, you’re always running around doing something new.
    You have fire in your eyes, and it shows. Bet you’re even wearing something red!
    Ha! I AM wearing red.

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