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Happy Birthday, Christmas Child!


I took this picture for our family Christmas greeting so many years ago. Unfortunately, I was too focused on the lighting and composition to notice that I had cropped Raggedy Ann’s dress and apron out of the final image. For that reason, most who see it are unaware that Natalie’s dress and doll are a matched set, created by the same seamstress.

Laurie was the neighbor girl who, on her way home from high school classes, covered the hour or two that overlapped between Mary’s deaparture for work at the hospital and my return from whatever it was that I did at the sign shop. She rarely said a word, and we were amazed when she presented Natalie with her Christmas surprises. After she graduated and went off to engineering school, we never saw her again.

Thank you, Laurie L. of Lois Lane. Your creativity survives.

Happy Birthday, Natalie Rose! We miss you so much!

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