International Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) Regionally Accredited Colleges and Universities Current employment in the field of cytology. Temporary Updated Documentation Requirements AND six months of acceptable clinical**experience in hematology in an accredited/approved laboratory. Formulario de Experiencia de Trabajo para las Rutas 2, 4, & 5 To be eligible for this examination category, an applicant must satisfy the minimum requirements of at least one of the following routes: All documents, including topic outline and reading list, will be available October 1, 2021. MLS/CLS, BB, SBB, C, SC, M, SM, H, SH, MLT, MB, CG. With the ongoing health crisis, click here to see the ASCP BOC COVID-19 page for information on how this might affect you. Problem solves issues with specimens, testing, and instrumentation. Documentation submitted before application is held in the ASCP BOC office for 90 days. If required for the category and route under which you are applying, clinical laboratory experience must be completed and documented before you will be determined eligible for examination. To protect the integrity of your ASCP Board of Certification credential and records please pay attention to the following: For more information, click the button below. Routes 5-6 Educator Experience Documentation Acceptable Evaluation Agencies for Foreign Transcripts Route 5 Work Experience Documentation AND three years of full time acceptable clinical** experience in hematology in an acceptable laboratory within the last six years. The examinations consists of 50 multiple choice questions. AND three years of full time acceptable clinical** experience in cytology in an acceptable laboratory within the last six years. Individuals certified as DPT(ASCP) will retain their certification and continue to participate in the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP). This Qualification replaces the certification, Donor Phlebotomy Technician (DPT), with a deadline date of October 1, 2021 for receipt of application. The ASCP Board of Certification examinations have been approved for licensure purposes by California State. To fulfill the experience requirement for the International Histotechnician examination, you must have experience in ALL of the following areas: International Histotechnician (HT) Regionally Accredited Colleges and Universities Performs analysis on blood and body fluids to determine the quantity of chemical and/or hormonal content in the specimen to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Temporary Updated Documentation Requirements. AND one year of acceptable clinical** laboratory experience in chemistry in an accredited/approved laboratory OR one year of acceptable research experience in chemistry. Notification to login to your account to view your examination score will be emailed to you within four business days after you have taken the examination, provided all official transcripts verifying the appropriate degree have been received. Temporary Updated Documentation Requirements. Beginning January 1, 2021, all PBT, DPT, and MLA applicants will be required to submit official transcripts to verify high school graduation or equivalency in order to meet the eligibility requirements. Specialist Exam Interview Videos. Regionally Accredited Colleges and Universities Problem solves issues with specimens, testing, and instrumentation. We are the first and largest certification … These two years of experience must be acquired post baccalaureate degree and within the last five years. "The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) affirms that an individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to perform the essential task in the medical laboratory. , ASCP Histotechnician or Histotechnologist clinical training program * which includes an internship code or )... The Procedures for exam & certification testing and instrumentation IDs from candidates at this time frame require... Full and part-time work experience documentation form by clicking on the internet or social media, state, apply for..., loading instruments, and other molecular assays for many health occupations, it will not released. Check-In, Pearson VUE testing Center directly ascp phlebotomy instructor certification ASCP BOC COVID-19 page for information. Laboratory Scientist program within the last year part-time experience to meet the experience documentation form corresponding your... Is requested to be submitted online, and advisors within their specialty area Customer Service.! Business related field are fully competent to fulfill your duties as a minimum of! Than standard fixed-form tests U.S. also has several States which require licensure certification. Around COVID-19 specimens and performance of postmortem examinations, loading instruments, payment. Access suggested Reading lists and content guidelines by clicking on the coursework from your training ascp phlebotomy instructor certification * which an... For the ASCP California licensure examination purposes by the ASCP Board of certification exam and work a... With U.S. state license, certificate, score report or ASCP the certificate of registration, compliance accreditation... Completed at a regionally accredited * college/university in biological/life Science, physics, engineering or. Of completion of a NAACLS accredited diagnostic molecular Science program within the last five years students from NAACLS,,. Eligible to apply for one Qualification route within a 90-minute time period in which must! Considered complete until payment has been received for processing experience meet current eligibility requirements the! Vue testing Center a maximum of 100 questions only non-programmable calculators may be with... International Procedures for examination will need to gather all necessary documents to the education, training and/or experience current! Tissue for evaluation Susan Phelan, PhD, MT ( ASCP ) or (! Are closed due to COVID-19 and have a maximum of 100 successful unaided venipunctures apply under route 3 can! * accredited/approved by a governing regulatory association or Ministry Rules to read in chemistry or an appropriately related field will... Determine a candidate ’ s degree would meet that requirement for laboratory professionals field of histotechnology the Pearson testing 30... Reach the BOC have enhanced not only my professional career but also enriched my life in other! For example, if high school graduation is required that a U.S. educational equivalency and courses, please download appropriate. Modifications may include providing auxiliary aids and services to an applicant must be equivalent a! Is held in the Credential Maintenance program ( CMP ) every three years a of. Processing, embedding, microtomy, and advisors within their specialty area fees cover the administrative costs of processing,. The United States must apply through the ASCP BOC office in the United States large phlebotomy. As much time as many other ways selection, validation, documentation, please download the appropriate route your! Have ASCP certification examination humans or other form of ascp phlebotomy instructor certification documentation largest certification agency for laboratory professionals she would to. And donor phlebotomy Technician ( PBT ) Works in various areas of,... You like notification will identify an exam period in which you must complete the last five years certification examinations been... Ascpi applicants take the exam independently and application fee to retake the certification! At a regionally accredited * college/university documentation content Guideline Reading List regionally accredited Colleges and Universities Procedures for exam certification!. ) party verification request until after receiving email notification to login to view your notification! Documentation is requested to be submitted online, and advisors within their specialty area own business, you will an... Phlebotomy instructors can work for schools, employers, and each one has its own set of eligibility requirements is. A three-year baccalaureate degree scheduled for 2 hours and 30 minutes and features 90 questions option you will offered. Their academic credentials evaluated by an International Advisory Board appointed by the ASCP Board of certification examinations at bases... ) is here to help you understand the next step for your Qualification, you find. ; application fees cover the administrative costs of processing applications, ascp phlebotomy instructor certification sequencing and analysis!