You accept that. Mizuno … Story: There’s no denying the clubheads are borderline behemoth, but that creates the “can’t miss” confidence less-skilled golfers need. It’s a light iron with a sleek design — good qualities for Cobra’s first Super Game Improvement set available in one length. Get over it. Improving your golf swing is likely to have a more beneficial effect on your golf scores than those brand new, freshly released 2019 irons. So why do people not buy hybrid irons sets? Rick Shiels is here to give us his views on the latest Titleist game-improvement irons for 2019... Ping G410 (£649.00 approx.) – Slow swingers may not see … Click here to shop the Cobra FMax Superlite/One at Golf Galaxy. The company also used some of its knowledge gathered from working on its One Length irons, notably that having a more upright lie angle in the longer irons can help players keep those clubs square at impact. Lighter shafts, whether in steel or graphite, also are found as most players in this category lack the ability to generate significant clubhead speed and the light shafts help produce extra miles per hour in speed which equates to additional yards on the shot. This set is the latest set released, so you’ll be paying up for it. This results in much larger sweet spots that clubs with little perimeter weighting. Callaway Big Bertha. © 2021 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, 2019 Super Game-Improvement Irons: Turn your mis-hits into acceptable shots, Click here to shop the Hot List-winning super game-improvement irons at Golf Galaxy, Click here to shop the Callaway Big Bertha (2019) at Golf Galaxy, Click here to shop the Cleveland Launcher HB at Golf Galaxy, Click here to shop the Cobra FMax Superlite/One at Golf Galaxy, Golf Digest Hot List 2019: Announcing the 129 gold- and silver-medal winning, game-changing clubs worth your time, Click here to shop the Tommy Armour Atomic Max at Golf Galaxy, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. TaylorMade M6 iron verdict: Realistically, the majority of club golfers (10 handicappers and above) … That means they basically took what used to be a 7 iron and are now calling it an 8 iron, to make you feel better about how far you hit the ball. They get the ball up in the air pretty easily, but they lack in distance and feel, which is to be expected. That insert extends closer to the leading edge to provide better rebound on shots hit low on the face, where most iron impacts occur. Compare this set to the Cleveland Launcher HB (scroll down a little) and you’ll see the size difference. Either way, they make those longer shots from the fairway easier than ever. A wide sole makes it difficult to dig into the turf, and the low-profile shape and low-back center of gravity help get the ball up quickly. The T-MB irons from Titleist are perhaps the club manufacturer’s finest attempt to make an iron that looks like a blade but plays like a game-improvement model. They have rails on the bottom of the club soles to improve glide. The Callaway Rogue X is the perfect game-improvement iron. The hollow clubhead has a forged titanium L-face that wraps around the sole to produce more pop. That’s good – as many golfers don’t like the look of a bulky club head when they are addressing the ball. Story: OK, it might not be the easiest club to look at in the address position. By filling the cavity with a graphite damping material and adding an 11-gram tungsten weight under it, there’s a reduction in unwanted vibrations. I’m a huge fan of the set for one reason: it makes golf easier! Lofts: 7-iron: 31.5 degrees; PW: 45 degrees. If you are looking for the longest irons that you can get your hands on, these are it! Cleveland Launcher HB. Lofts: 7-iron: 28 degrees; PW: 42 degrees. Click here to shop the Hot List-winning super game-improvement irons at Golf Galaxy. It’s a very simple equation, and everyone knows about it. Story: This iron is big and bulky, but when you have the name Atomic Max, subtlety probably isn’t your goal. There are no complaints about the feel of this club or its ability to produce good golf shots. Cleveland is the most underrated company that makes solid iron sets. Story: The strong lofts push the boundaries of decency (a 38-degree pitching wedge? Either way, there is no denying how forgiving these clubs are. Gold. Although packed with lots of support behind the club face, the overall size of the club once you are standing over the ball doesn’t seem too bad. These clubs have longer shafts, strong lofts (the 7-iron is 26 degrees, or about what some 5-irons check in at) and soles wide enough to serve cocktails. Their technology, which they call “Suspended Energy Core”, is just a fancy way to get the ball to fly high off of the clubface very quickly. Cobra F-Max Superlite. A thin, L-shape face made from a springy Japanese steel provides power, and a rounded sole and progressive offset offer an easy transition to the middle and short irons. Callaway Big Bertha (2019) Story: When it comes to assisting golfers, Callaway has always made an effort. There are plenty of great sets available, but what if you already have a great set and you just want to trade out an iron or two? Bradshaw’s works can be applied to golf, as those who are “conscious of their own limitations” can find help in super game-improvement irons to assist them in becoming “good” golfers. 1. A lightweight 50-gram graphite shaft brings speed to the swing. For those conscious of their limitations, the possibilities are limitless. Key to achieving this was a shift in the use of “power holes”—slots filled with polymer to promote face flex. Buy from Amazon Buy from Buy from Dick's. Story: Highly regarded in Japan, this high-end brand is attempting to make inroads in the U.S. market by developing clubs distance-hungry golfers can swing faster more efficiently. + Hot feel and high ball speeds. I would love to hear from you! If you want to go from shooting 102 to 92 or 93 to 85, you are in the right place. For you satisfaction is not so much dictated by the number on the bottom of the scorecard, but in the number of quality shots you hit during the round. Thanks! Click here to shop the Cleveland Launcher HB at Golf Galaxy. These irons … Wilson addressed this by producing a set featuring a mixture of hybrids and irons, and how that mixture is put together is entirely up to you. The dark finish is becoming increasingly more popular. To be clear: these irons have very strong lofts. The hollow design incorporates a wide sole; a sloping recessed crown and back; and a high-strength-steel face insert. Help is on the way. Supported by the name, these irons really do launch the ball to incredible heights very easily. The club heads and the club shafts are simply a tad bit lighter, allowing women to create more club head speed and hit the ball longer. While graphite shafts dominate the field, there are steel options. This is a tricky category. Those were removed from the topline, and a third row added on the sole of the 4- through 7-irons. Alright, I’m done commending you. Among the top rated irons for feel in this year’s game improvement test were the 2019 Most Wanted Winner – the Cobra F-MAX Superlite; and a newcomer – the Tommy Armour Atomic MAX.