They believe the earth is round. That is probably why they like inventions such as, heart faith, repentance from sin for salvation, fruit as evidence of “genuine faith” etc. I remember being subtly introduced to predestination as God choosing some and not others. They were affirmed by the Synod of Dordt (1618-1619 CE) as being the doctrine of salvation which is contained in the Bible. I am convinced that Calvinism was conceived and brought forth from the bowels of Hell, and no, i will NOT apologize for saying that– it is an evil and wicked system that perverts the character of our Loving and Merciful God. John G. Hello Everyone In life changed his theology & brought out new ideas, which John Phil, I agree completely about the reformation. Like Bruce said, Sue, I didn’t have to “bear” with your writing either; it was a gift from your heart. This is for sure not a comprehensive list but beware of those who teach another gospel. 5. God bless you Jack for standing guard over this place of sanctuary where THE Truth is of the utmost priority. “Calvinism as a name for the Reformed tradition. The gentleman (TJ) wants to defend Calvinism. That label didn’t come from me, but Stanford’s own pen. Lastly, one could remark on how atrociously you have quoted Calvin out of context in nearly every instance which you’ve cited, or how you haven’t provided accurate references for some of your citations. In a sermon titled, “The Call to Witness” Calvin preached from 2 Timothy 1:8-9. Or,  Did Calvin (or Anyone Else in the Early Modern Era) Plant the ‘TULIP’?”. The five petals of this outwardly impressive flower may look good for a brief lifespan, but the ingestion of it will prove to be fatal when our works are judged by Christ. You are welcome — and I pray the Lord will continue to bless you and yours too. Can you be saved and not believe the inerrancy of the Bible, or certain things the Bible teaches, or any combination of the two? Nach Calvins Lehre ist der Mensch von Gott zu Heil oder Unheil vorbestimmt (Prädestination) und muss seine Auserwähltheit durch sein Leben und Wirken beweisen. This Bible Study video, by Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker, shows why he personally is not a Calvinist. PhilR, I agree – when you hear the term “papists” from Calvinists or other non-RCC works “salvationists,” it is generally used in a derogatory fashion. Just let me know , John, that is pretty apropos, “Reform Schools”., love it! I was thinking about your comments. They quote them often times more frequently than the Word. So in Calvinism, God is the one who keeps people from believing. So they keep working, enduring, persevering, all the while attempting an end-run right around the Gospel itself, attempting an end-run right around believing in Jesus for salvation and knowing they’re saved by faith in Jesus. Calvinism is just as legalistic as the Catholicism that they broke away from., Of course John Calvin was a Calvinist! Cloud, MN: Xulon Press, 2008 (see the link on the right column of There is legitimate debate about whether or not Calvin was committed to particular redemption or not—I think he basically was—but this issue was not at the forefront of Calvin’s theological concerns, hence to use TULIP, to sum up his theology is totally anachronistic. I, for one, enjoyed your poetic excursion. Most from this category would object to “limited atonement,” (the “L” of TULIP) the Calvinist false, unbiblical teaching that Christ died only for the elect. The statement may be fleshed out, It would be better for Calvinists to scrap their erroneous soteriology altogether and repent (change their mind). EndorsementsRead More ↓ ‘Paul Helm’s Calvin and the Calvinists is by far the best and clearest response to Kendall’s essay on ‘Calvin and English Calvinism to 1649′. There was a few Calvinist gentlemen who worked there alongside with me. His standard pattern of writing throughout his commentaries is, when confronted with a Bible text that unmistakably declares that Christ died for the sins of ALL the world and, further, when the Bible explains the Gospel message of God’s Free Grace salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, Calvin initially states what the text says plainly (Free Grace); HOWEVER, he quickly filters the text through his preconceived skewed theological construct, restating, contradicting and denying what the text of the Bible clearly declares. I’m not saying “I am of Calvin” in the Corinthian sense. (4). If I do, then I have a very weak uneducated faith or no faith at all. Thanks for that exhaustive and comprehensive understanding of the real “inside” of John Calvin and his teachings. ( Log Out /  They make Calvinism a matter of fellowship, are completely obsessed with Calvinism, & promoting Calvinism. This verse is a key to the meaning of James: faith is to be proved by works; then faith properly justifies and saves, and works prove its genuineness.” COMMENT: Calvin makes the standard error of Lordship “Salvation” teachers in misinterpreting James. 2 Peter 3:9 KJV: “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” Calvin’s response: once again, Calvin makes an initial affirmation of what the verse plainly states, but he quickly denies his affirmation with the following statement, “But it may be asked, If God wishes none to perish, why is it that so many do perish? The forever changing doctrine of Calvinism place them in that state. 3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. Matthew 23:37 KJV: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! I won’t name any of my kids “Calvin”. Question 15: You have a friend who's not saved. Pearl wrote: “Couldn’t it also be said that the teaching of progressive justification is the natural by-product of the latter? Other Calvinists think that man has a free will to believe in Jesus as Savior, but that he loses that free will once he becomes a believer. I must admit I do not know much about Mr. Stanford. And all it becomes is one big muddied pot of minds corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Cor 11:3-4). Col 2:8-9. He was explaining how of course God created evil and designed Satan to do these evil things, and he had a way of taking people through the tunnel that led to his obvious conclusion…. But there was something in his comparison of the new and old that he missed: ecclesiology. Thank you friend, That is a great list or, even better, a litmus test for the things Calvinists “don’t get.”. Oxymoron No.2 – Merciful, loving and gracious God predestined most of mankind to go to hell without any other option! From Calvin’s Commentaries Although Spurgeon claimed to be a Calvinist, it appears that Spurgeon did NOT fully understand the doctrine of “unconditional election” as taught by John Calvin. Yes, it is indeed sad how people’s minds get blinded by Satan through this perverted “gospel” of Calvinism. My father was stationed with the Army at Antwerp in Belgium where the tulips, as in Holland, are cultivated in proud displays. Do not grow weary in doing good! So, when you hear Calvinists ridiculing the RCC and calling them “papists”, that is really all they are against; in reality they agree with catholic doctrine on faith and morals. Holly, I saw a recent article from another guy from Moody linked to the “Real Clear Religion” site. No hyper-Calvinist would preach with a missionary zeal as was consistently evident in the preaching ministry of Calvin. So Satan (effectively through this religion), makes people assign to God his wicked attributes. They are taught against the Gospel, so they run to works, endurance, perseverance, and then their understanding of justification is that it is an ongoing, life-long, never satisfied climb up the ladder of works, works, works. I have actually been reading many articles on here for months, but i finally decided to send my views on this unbiblical and gnostic system called Calvinism. Their doctrine is just a repackaged version of Catholic doctrine (Augustinianism), just without the smoke and ceremonies. How can that be so if God made the person unable to believe? On a side note,Dr Stringer is another wonderful Grace teacher. Change ). Yes, we see clearly the Roman Catholic roots in Calvin’s writings. John, I used to get frustrated when the secular world would distort the Reformers like Luther. This is Shirley's photograph of a flock of beautiful Ibises on the lake in back of our house. Notes on Calvin and Calvinism: Was John Calvin Really a Calvinist? One does not have to believe in the inerrancy of Scripture to be saved (although that is an important doctrine) but all one needs to do to be saved is to believe that what Christ did on the cross He did for us. God bless all, That they are real. The review was written by John Hogan in the journal “Scientific American.” Please note that John Hogan, the reviewer, describes himself as “not religious.”, He claims that free will, the notion that “we can choose to behave in different ways,” is being contradicted by research in genetics and neuroscience and “looks increasingly dubious.”. Next, on the term “Calvinist” and its polemical use as a sign of the rift in evangelical consensus: Calvin himself viewed the term Calvinist as an insult and thought of his own theology as an expression of catholic truth. New Calvinism is not like Calvin Preface I have mentioned the New Calvinism movement in a few papers, pointing out that it has severe deviations from consistent, historic Calvinism. 4. And please do not ever cease to use your God given gift for painting beautiful pictures with your lovely words. This is in response to Jimfloyd12 who asks about NeoCalvinism or New Calvinism..