(Frank Stetzer, Hexrod, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive), As far as being a Straight horizontal Stress Curve it makes NO difference what the rod is as long as the conditions produce a SHSC. Do any rod makers sells rods they do not like? That's not a lot to ask is it? Cynically, but I may not have entirely given up,  yet. He took the first step to improving them, inadvertently, you say, by fining down the tips. As new never used Dickerson 7613 Vintage Bamboo Fly Rod ReproductionMade by Top Ten Tapers in Twinsburg, Ohio. 0.088 condition. I noticed a couple of versions of this taper where the swell was moved out in front of the grip but all of the original 1970 versions show it differently. We build, restore and repair rods for local fly fishers as well as for customers across the United States. (Mark Shamburg). The rod action will not resemble a straight line taper  any longer. Any rod with a straight taper under load will feel to a greater or lesser extent, unnecessarily heavy in the tip and too soft in the butt. That has compensation for the ferrule and the Varnish & Guides. I only use short rods on overgrown streams. My question is, as I plan for my next rod, are these the same rod or is there a difference? Our rods offer perhaps the finest This taper, starting with a .068 tip dimension, makes a great middle distance 8' WF6 or 7-1/2' 5wt. They make the blank ourselves not made in China. Then the part of the ferrule that fits on the bamboo inside the male slide 'stepped down' to .187" ID, or 12/64. (Mark Wendt), Thanks Dennis!    35               0.162         166451     Just as the "super Z's" have a female barrel that is 2/64's larger than the bamboo sleeve or male insert, it is the same, but opposite with the Dickerson style "stepped" ferrules. With Top Ten Tapers you can now fish your own custom made bamboo rod for the price of mid-level graphite rod. 2 wt         0.0585 0.369 Includes original bag, brass capped aluminum tube and Pickard Rod Company specification card. These exquisite rods are precision reproductions of the finest bamboo rods ever made. I Have commented additionally, if trivially in a private post on the other points. But if you decide to tell the world that this is therefore the right way to design a fishing rod then I'm going to disagree with you! The trouble is, that's all it does! . Dickerson 861711 8.5 ft 6 wtThis is a nice casting Dickerson - Taper taken from Rod owned by Dennis Higham and basic diamensions of taper confirmed by rod owned by Chris Bogart. This gives a quick, accurate impression as to what type of taper the rod is made from (straight, parabolic, compound, etc.) I have just finished reading your post regarding Straight Line Tapers and Straight horizontal Stress Curves and I must say that you as well as robin really do need a refresher course in Stress Curves. (Stephen Dugmore). It's all pulled through by hand. Post May 07, 2009 #1 2009-05-07T21:07. 75             0.2855 Especially if you know how the rods actually cast. (Timothy Troester). But I imagine that high output builders didn't have every rod turn out the same for whatever reason. So now where do you add or subtract material and what effect will it have on the rod. If you look at the attached graph you will see that my Compensated Straight Line Taper does indeed have a Straight Horizontal Stress Curve at 20 feet of line outside the tiptop. 0.111 Currently we offer fourteen different rods, each with its own unique The idea is that the butt must not bend,  and when it does its only at the very end, if it bends further down then the height of the line above the ground is dramatically reduced and thus fully one half of the "High speed high line" proposition is not met. Not too many folks consider these mediocre. (Bob Norwood), I was wondering if anyone has tried out the Dickerson 8615 7wt, the Garrison 221 7 wt, or the Payne Canadian Canoe 7 wt?