Are you a little bored with goldfish and fed up with the sometimes-destructive behavior of koi? I’d also consider adding a pump, filter and aeration system in future if you decide again to take on larger fish or if you intend to increase your current goldfish stock. Golden Orfe (ILeuciscus idus) You can barely differentiate between a Golden Orfe and a Golden Koi fish when they swim. There is tons of great information on it. Enjoy your orfe, they are great fish. The leading cause of death with these fish and their idus relatives is usually due to low oygen levels in the water. Many fish breeders breed within a small group of stud fish, who are completely genetically pure orfe. Second to our obvious goldfish species, golden orfe prove to be a very popular fish. They’re also pretty friendly, getting along with most other fish, goldfish and koi in particular, though they may eat some smaller fish or fry if they’re hungry! for almost 10 years now. I think you’d be ok with Orfe if you start them small. Golden Orfe. Ide are noted for their year-round-feeding and are considered to be the chub of many European countries, where they grow to similar sizes in rivers. These fast growing, very active, and attractive pond species are a lovely addition to many ponds. -Mike Before koi hit the market, the Orfe and goldfish were battling for first place in the hearts of yesteryear’s pond keepers. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what th average life expectancy of a golden orfe? pH: 6.5-8.0, Temperature: Cold water-temperate between 2-20 deg C (34-72 deg F) Care: Orfe are an active shoaling species that require a very spacious pond with a good amount of open swimming space. Top. PS005 AWR/SLDC HONEY GOURAMI(Trichogaster chuna) up to 2”/50mm,lifespan over 4 years,10gal/45litre Aquarium . and 2 serbian sturgeon. Thanks, Hello Simon. I’m used to treating Koi for a variety of nowadays but I’m unsure what to do with this fellow. You may also consider consulting a vet that is knowledgeable with fish, if neither fish improves. Nonetheless, very generally speaking, if orfe are healthy, then chances are that the rest of your pond is, too. Golden Orfe feeding in our pond. I have got butterfly Kois and goldfish, shubunkins, & common carps in my pond all living happily together. Below is a video displaying what could be considered an average adult size and natural browsing (feeding) behaviour: For ponds, a good size is at least 1,000 gallons and at least a meter deep. Give them treats of krill, or earthworms from time to time and they will love it. It has experienced this before and it went away a couple of years ago. Your golden orfe need lots of dissolved oxygen in his tank or in his pond. Thanks again for the excellent info. I have 4 orfes approx 1ft that always keep together but just recently 1 has started going alone under a lily tuba and when I get closer it darts quite swiftly to the others, does this indicate anything. we have a freshly dug pond that is spring fed (underground well) the pond is 12mx9mx1m it fills in 24hours and we have a constant run off. German proposal to test the effect of chemicals on fish. In small ponds, they can easily reach a foot or more (though 1 to 1.5 feet is common in ponds), and if held in too small of a pond they will simply jump out, as they need plenty of space to move about and accommodate both their size and high energy levels. The territory of the wild Orfe has spread worldwide and today the “domestic” Golden Orfe can be easily be found at most local pond and water garden retailers, and online sellers, but buying them in person is always more fun. What is the lifespan of a crown tail betta fish? Long-lived, orfes can often live up to 20. However, they are susceptible to some issues. Orfe, Leucisus idus. Lifespan: 8 to 10 years How to catch an orfe Location is key as they tend to be isolated to areas in which they have been introduced. In captivity, they average a weight between 2 and 5 pounds, though they commonly grow larger in the wild. In the wild, orfe are prolific breeders, with mature females laying thousands of eggs. Usually not that many baby Orfe actually make it, but year after year you’ll see more Orfe in your pond. In addition, the fish will need to be about a foot long, as this size generally indicates sexual maturity for orfes. Learn something new everyday right?! Will also feed on Pond flakes, pond pellets, pond sticks, live/frozen foods and insects. Sturgeon: 55 years (male sturgeon) 88 to 150 years (female sturgeon) 7. I also host a podcast on ponds, water gardens, and everything aquatic which featured a guest that spoke in detail about raising eggs into fry. can all these fish be kept together in a pond? However, conditions need to be just right and these can be tricky to replicate in a pond. If your pond doesn’t have enough oxygen, you may notice orfe jumping out of the water more or coming to the surface appearing to “gasp” for air. Golden Orfe. However, the Golden Orfe that we keep in our ponds are well acclimated to taking prepared foods. i will upload some pics soon This is a typical hybrid between a koi and goldfish. They do best with a neutral to alkaline pH between 7 and 8. Photo by Hcloos, available under a Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.5 Generic license. I change the water everyday. Please try again later. How big do Koi fish grow and how long does it take? Lifespan, Size, & Growth Rates of Golden Orfe, Common Golden Orfe Diseases & Pond Problems (Things To Consider), 4) Orfe Are Susceptible to Viruses & Parasites, meat-based pellets or flakes with plenty of protein, Pond Sturgeon Facts & Care Guide (What Are Sturgeons? I am very happy that you enjoy the blog. Just make sure that the environmental conditions are right when you notice this behaviour and perhaps before long you’ll see some golden orfe eggs in your pond! Preferred Water Conditions: Will acclimatize to a wide range of conditions. Their size is somewhat dependent upon the size of the water body they live in, but no matter what they are still a fairly large fish. April 2018). Dragon Koi Fish. But high death rates in most cases are caused by 2 major things… First: Water quality. Your email address will not be published. Even grew amazingly well and are between 5 and 5 1/2 inches each now. All copyrights to this material is solely owned by Mike Gannon. Thanks. Browse Golden Retrievers for sale and Golden Retriever puppies for sale from fish for sale2x 13" plus golden orfe, Female, 3-4 years, golden, 2x13" plus. Nowadays/maladies. steved Captain Pondvac Posts: 6725 Joined: May 28th, 2007, 10:28 am Country: United Kingdom Location: Marple, Nr Stockport. When they’re young, orfe typically display a sliver scale pattern with small black spots on the head, but as they mature, most varieties develop an overall orange sheen which can range from a subtle hue to brightly golden – similar to goldfish. Orfes, specifically “Leuciscus idus“, also known as ides, belong to the family Cyprinidae, and are a freshwater fish native to the rivers, ponds, and lakes of Europe and Asia. Approx 8 yrs ago I bought 10 3-4 inches golden orfes. This seems to be more of an issue in the spring, when temperatures are shifting and thus altering the water chemistry of your pond. I’m very concerned that my Orfe are going to starve to death. I have tested my pond water to find ammonia and nitrite at 0 ppm, nitrate at 10 ppm and pH at 8.0. The golden orfe or golden ide is a domestic form with portions of the body and fins pinkish-gold or red-orange. Have you caught one at Plainville lake yet? Most pond fish dealers stock the Golden Orfe because they know about its hardiness, interesting behavior, and easy upkeep when it comes to our backyard pond installations. They are now 15-16 years old. Yes, they eat fish food, BUT they also eat insects-- YUM! They’re also really good at reducing larvae, which can help in summer with all the biting flies. They are long and slender with peachy-orange bodies and often small black spots across the back of the fish. Orfe are excellent at hunting naturally occurring foods, insects, but you can also feed them with a basic pond fish food or even koi/goldfish food. They have been known to eat small fish fry as well, so perhaps keep them separate from smaller fish either permanently or until the other fish grow larger than a couple of inches in size. Also being a bottom feeder, the keeps the tank bottom clean. Admin. The native territory of the Orfe is in European and Asian rivers and large lakes, Russia to Mongolia. Hi Alison, I hope your orfe pulls through and gives you may more years of enjoyment! Cheers. Not sure what to do with him. If not, consider quarantining the fish and treating with antibiotics. Unfortunately the typical goldfish bowl is actually the worst environment these fish could have. The Shubunkin Goldfish looks like the Comet Goldfish but brings an element of extra color and flair to the tank with its longer more flowing fins and blue coloring. Relevance. A golden variety is often available. We have a home for all unwanted Koi and Golden Orfe. He took some yesterday but no improvement. License. Then I could clearly see eggs floating around the tank. Should not be kept in smaller ponds or where there is … Hello Bharat. Sharing this on the Aquascape Inc Facebook page today. Orfe | Golden Orfe. Ide are noted for their year-round-feeding and are considered to be the chub of many European countries, where they grow to similar sizes in rivers. For the past 7 days my Orfe are not coming up to eat pellets. To begin, you’ll have a much greater chance of success if you have a large pond (several thousand gallons), as well as either a gravel/rocky pond bottom and/or plenty of plants where the orfes can lay their eggs amongst the substrate and roots. Here, we list out the top 5 best fishes who are not only easy to live in natural environments (where there’s no heater or filter) but also look beautiful with a nice accent in your pond. Thanks for your help. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Catfish: 12 to 20 years: 8. General Information: Orfe are sociable fish and should always be kept in groups of at least three. Find Golden Retriever Dogs and Puppies for sale in the UK. What Do Golden Orfe Eat? They are great fish! Hi, I have a pond measuring 8 feet by 6 feet and 3feet deep to which I added 10 goldfish and 4 golden orfe in the spring. Good luck. I’m not sure there is alot you can do to correct these type of issues the fish is experiencing, especially in an older fish. Overnight shipping on all orders. 9,995 9. The one with a bulging eye might have a condition called popeye – keep an eye on it (ha, sorry); if the eye improves in a day or two, it was likely just bumped or otherwise irritated. 07843256902. There are some reports of them reaching as much as 18 pounds in the wild. Most Koi fish end up being 24-26 inches long. Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. Iv had them for about 4/5 years now and they were approx 6 to 8 inches long when I bought them. Orfe can grow up to 40cm (18in) and prefer to be kept in shoals. Top. Additional information. Orfes originated in Europe and are dark, silvery blue in their wild form. 18. Today I noticed one chasing the other, relentlessly. Three adults under water. Ide or Golden Orfe (Yaz) A Skin Mod for Half-Life Half-Life / Skins / NPCs & Enemies / Ichthyosaur. -Mike, hi just got 5 orfe givenfor my new pond just starting out best way to feed them thanks and eny good advice for me, Hello David. My dad has fish in ponds and tanks all over the house and garden, we must have over 300 fish! The Golden Orfe is a special pond fish with a streamlined body that has swift movement in the water garden pool and in fact is considered the "fastest" fish in the water garden pool. The small, typically orange fish can be found for sale in pet stores or as prizes at carnivals. 1 yellow gold fish. Surface dwellers, they can jump, and suffer from low oxygen problems in high summer. What is the life expectancy of orfe and shubunkins? Going to see them was an established ritual, as visitors who were bidden to accompany him observed. It’s true that some goldfish just aren’t able to live out their full lifespan because of factors out of our control, such as undernourishment during the early years of a goldfish’s life. If you prefer more species in your pond, you can mix koi quite well with goldfish or golden orfe. Orfe are a pretty active shoaling fish (meaning they prefer to live and move about in groups or schools), and can grow two over 2 feet long. From Water (44), 1-13 (1975) - Mann, H. The Golden Orfe fish test for the comparative testing of the acute toxicity of water constituents and sewage. How long has it been happening? This means they require an environment that is clean with the right amount of oxygen for them to survive. If cared for properly, koi fish have a lifespan of up to 20 years. Todos. Are They Hardy Fish? 1 comet goldfish. Likes. My wife and I have had orfes for 17 years successfully, including a few babies along the way (they did survive). . Little Furry Pets - Pet Sitting in UK: Everything You Need To Know About Pet Sitters Have five of them in our pond, they are the clowns in water. Mosquito Fish I’m including some links below for further reading and some recommendations: Angler's Mail. Required fields are marked *. Thank you for sharing your information. Orfe – Gold 12-15cmScientific NameLeuciscus idusCommon Name Golden OrfeSynonymsIdus idus, Cyprinus idus, Leuciscus idus idusDistribution Native to many parts of Europe and Asia, introduced to several other countries.Sexual Dimorphism Mature females likely to be fuller bodied.Maximum Size 60cm+ (24"+)Water Parameters Neutral to alkaline conditions preferred. Golden Orfe; Plecostomus; Conclusion “What kind of fish can live in an outdoor pond?” If that is also what you are wondering, this rounded-up list is perfect for you. PS005 AWR/SLDC FEATHERFIN SQUEAKER(Syndontis eupterus) up to 9”/22.5cm,lifespan up to 18 years ,40gal/181litres . It might sound odd, but if you want to attract wildlife, don't stock it with fish - golden orfe look pretty but they devour other life, including eggs and tadpoles. In the north of Scotland. All are around 12 years old. What type of behaviour are they showing when you see them? Favourite … I imagine the filter will suck all the eggs up. 6 ghost koi carp. Their lively nature makes them an entertaining and friendly pond fish to have, and an interesting addition to larger pond communities. I have 30 large goldfish of which 10 are female and they produce hundreds of babies of which too many survive. Thank you for your reply, my pond is crystal clear and well airiated and fish look healthy, no mark’s or ulcers of any kind just noticed the same one that seems to be having a bit of alone time. As mentioned previously, orfe can often live up to 20 years, though there are some reports of them reaching closer to 30 years of age. They can also be found in a Blue colour and their natural colour, the Ide. He would wack her with his tail when she was against the plants. I don’t have a pond pump. • Lifespan: 4-8 Years • Size: 12-24” • Caging: 2 x 2 x 3ft (Width x Length x Height). We live in the UK and the temperatures are between 0c and 10 at the moment. I have a tank with two golden orfe in. It was looking up the correct spelling for orfe did we come in contact with your info and discover the complete name Golden Orfe which we had not known all these years. Still, with proper care, goldfish can reach old age. Latin Name: Idus idus. the fish was about 12inchs my pond is 440 gallons i only have 2 blue orfe my other 1 is fine. The Origin. The largest wild orfe on record (referred to in the preceding link by its Latin name, Leuciscus idus) was caught by a fishermen in Latvia in 1989 and was over 12 pounds. I have had the endoscope in the pond and the Orfe are active at the mid levels but there is no food for them down there. Brilliant autocorrect. The Orfe can get pretty big too, at 20” or so and weighing in at 4 pounds. Hi Angela. See what 4 Golden Orfe (duerden8510) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Spawning orfe in a garden pond isn't easy, much more difficult than goldfish and carp. Spawning normally takes place around March to June. It sounds to me like it may be swim bladder disease, especially if it’s not really swimming and can’t get itself upright at all. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the article! The golden Orfe are a long and slender fish, but they are deep bodied. Categories. To prevent these, keep a pump or aerator running in your pond at all times, and incorporate plenty of oxygenating pond plants (golden orfes don’t typically munch on plants, as they prefer a more meat-based diet). I often think a pond dedicated only to orfe would be very cheery! Good luck! Hungry monkeys but only like flakes and some of the pellets are to big for them. Since you don’t have a pump, can I also assume don’t have any dedicated filtration system in place? Golden Orfe - another of our luxury hits, hand-built by our own craftsmen in our own workshops. There is more than one possibility for what is going on. Flags . The leading cause of death with these fish and their idus relatives is usually due to low oygen levels in the water. Natural food sources for this pond fish comprise of snails, mosquito larvae, and other insects. Oxygen is naturally lower in warmer water, so without aeration from a pump/filter, these big fish likely would have struggled during the hottest months. The orfe is undoubtedly a hardy pond fish, and they do just fine in freezing water temperature as high as 90-degrees Fahrenheit. They can be caught throughout the water column but are common in the margins of water bodies and seem to be especially partial to chopped worm, although most common angling baits will catch. Providing your orfe with a well-rounded, high quality diet (with lots of protein, as in the wild orfes are predatory fish that feed heavily on insects and aquatic macroinvertebrates like snails and mollusks), maintaining proper water quality and temperature, and quarantining any sick fish will help prevent the virus from occurring or spreading. Golden Orfe Size Comparison. This model replaces Ichthyosaur. PS005 AWR/SLDC Bolivian Ram(mikrogeophagus altispinosus) up to 3”/7.5 cm ,Lifespan up to 5 years ,25gal/113 litres . Heaviest Rod. We recommend a 6-10% UV tube running at least 2/3 of the length of the enclosure. The pond was created in 2000. Orfe Alternative Name(s): Golden Orfe, Blue Orfe, Ide Scientific Name(s): Leuciscus idus Category: Pond Difficulty: Maximum Size: 75cms Minimum Tank Volume: 0 litres Minimum Tank Size: 500 Gallons Water Temperature Range: 0-0°C Water pH Range: 7.0-8.0 Water Hardness Range: 0-0 dGH. My one and only golden orfe is now 35 years old!! If you are looking for a change, then you need to try the Golden Orfe. 1 decade ago. – FAQs. You can find more info on this here, as well as other swimming problems – If kept alone, it’s not unheard of for orfe to die since they are a social fish preferring to live in groups of at least three or more orfes. Thanks. Orfe are a lot more comfortable in faster moving water that is highly oxygenated. Orfes are certainly energetic, fun fish! But we were just interested as to how long the golden orfe … Perhaps one day. Are there any alternative natural foods which serve the same purpose has wheatgerm pellets? Aaah, romance in the pond (romance occurs intermittently, March thru June). Thanks for the excellent article! Good luck! Regular price $ 11.99 Sale. Good news is that koi, goldfish, and Orfe can all stay in the same pond together. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Orfe are, in general, considered hardy, well-adapted fish, doing will in waters ranging from 50 to 77° (13-25° C) Fahrenheit and able to survive in waters that are just above freezing or as high as 90°f (so long as the water isn’t kept at either of these extremes for too long). Some Previously Adopted Hybrid Koi Goldfish Example Koi-Comet (goldfish) Hybrid. Check your water quality and keep a close eye on the fish for any signs of illness or stress. Showing all 4 results. In fact, you will need to go out of your way to make the water habitable for them. Orfe are very sensitive to water quality, making them excellent indicators of pollution or overall poor water quality. Learn how your comment data is processed. Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Contact | About, Pond & Lake Orfe Facts Guide 2021 (Lifespan, Size, Eating & Breeding). What can I do her/him 's mate is looking for her. Orfe, Leucisus idus. Golden / Blue Orfe. Goldfish, carp, golden orfe, rosy red minnows and plecostomus? They like to be in schools/shoals and are best displayed that way since they like to constantly swim just under the surface of the water. About 3.5″long. -Mike. The iFISH Store. The most common kept variety in the pond hobby is the golden orfe (see picture below) due to its brighter colouration, as well as the much less common blue orfe fish. I hope that it is simply a case of the orfe hiding and not a heron issue! Golden / Blue Orfe Blue Orfe 6-8″ (15 – 20cm) Golden / Blue Orfe Blue Orfe 6-8″ (15 – 20cm) Blue Orfe are a nice shoal fish and a great addition to any pond. Yep, orfe will happily eat pretty much anything that fits in their mouth, fish or not! I have heard many ways to try and get orfe to spawn, most seem to suggest a lot of plant life to spawn on, a large pond with stable water conditions and moving water with mature fish of over 6-7 years old. These predators are usually found in schools in larger rivers and lakes. We live i Sweden and have pretty strong winter here, -20 celcius. Males can get spawning rashes, like goldfish, on the gill plates and females get fuller bodies when full of eggs. • Lighting: Yemen chameleons are a basking species by nature but they do get partial cover from the canopy and plants so they need an semi-intense UVB source. Golden orfes don’t seem to fall prey to many of the diseases or parasites that affect other common pond fish like goldfish and koi, and are fairly resistant to disease and illness relative to most other fish. Think about it, Carl Linnaeus himself, in a frenzy of scientifically describing everything within his reach; shoved his hand into the water, pulled out a Golden Orfe, and found it worthy of some of the earliest scientific descriptions of the animal kingdom. They make it together with the Koi and Golden fish. Many people had a goldfish as their first pet. Almost all the fry seem to make it to maturity in my pond (6000 gallons). Is this an ongoing condition? I have 5 Golden Orfe all approx 12/14" long, in a decent size pond. (your english is fine!!) Advnture Newsletter. Weight Range. I initially got them for koi fry control but they have quickly become favorites. It is clear from all these conditions that sustaining a golden orfe is not a low-cost undertaking. Not sure whether to put him our of his misery or try and help him through it. In fact, a test conducted by Germans utilized golden orfes specifically to measure water quality, and was found to be so useful and accurate that what has been deemed the “golden orfe toxicity test” has been used worldwide to assess water quality and the presence of toxins and help guide aquatic regulations. Embed. Fishing. When it comes to pellet feeds, look for brands that blend high quality aquaculture protein and vegetable matter and that list protein as the highest percentage ingredient. I have a golden orfe which has been lying on it's side for a week. These fish will also predate on insects and fry, which some fish keepers find useful for keeping goldfish populations in check. -Mike. Orfe can get very large so starting with large koi would not be my recommendation. If you notice that your orfes are a little extra energetic, are chasing each other about, and thrashing around in shallower areas of the pond, there’s a decent chance that they’re either breeding or are ready to. My first suspicion for what you have described is what is called 'pop eye.' All 4 appeared this Spring and were in great shape. Do you think they will re-appear soon, or maybe the heron has got them? Golden Rudd: 15 years: 6. ), Wildlife Pond Maintenance Guide (Cleaning Advice),,,,,, How to Plant & Grow Common Primrose (Primula vulgaris), What Flowers Do Hummingbirds Like? Fishkeeping - Breeding Golden Orfe [Forums - Pond - Help and Advice] have a look at the link I've posted. Any thoughts Mike? They do like a lot of oxygen so a pond or water garden with a waterfall would be well suited for keeping them. They must be spawning. Lifespan: 30 Years + Natural Habitat: The grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) is the species of fish with the largest reported production in aquaculture globally, over five million tonnes per year. I went from 40 to almost 200 in the past 3 years. Orfe will successfully spawn in our ponds and water gardens. There is a shelf in the pond on which we grow plants and they often hide under this. I’ve used three orfes to control koi fry. Any ideas why they would refuse to eat like this? This one shows a hybrid's typical distinctive trait which is the large hump behind the head. I am at a loss to explain this. There is no separate official record for ide. Are Golden Orfe Good Pond Fish? Golden eagles use their speed and sharp talons to snatch up rabbits, marmots, and ground squirrels. Issues. Golden Orfe. Robyn. In the wild, orfes tend to reproduce in the spring in areas with thick vegetation and shallower water, so you may need to recreate these conditions for your orfes and incorporate a shallow area with plenty of plants for them to use in the spring. You’ll need to make sure that you’re checking your water parameters on a daily basis to ensure the health and happiness of your orfes. My orfe is 30 years old it swims around the pond ok but when it settles it turns up side down is there any thing we can do to help him, That’s quite old for an orfe! The name “ide” is derived from Swedish roots and denotes the bright coloration of the fish, which is typically orange or gold, sometimes with black spots on its neck at the base of the head. Life Expectancy: 25-35 years. Not only does it look wonderful, it’s inexpensive to keep. GEnerally this is caused by over breeding. Is It Legal To Keep Golden Orfe in Ponds?–how-to-raise-baby-koi-fish-from-eggs, I’ve had 2 offe for about 15 years both very large and healthy,I’ve a large pond with two filters and pumps so water always on the move .they live quite happily with large koi and gold fish of about the same age,they all eat sticks and pellets also a slice of bread Evey few weeks, My fish were eating and swimming normally until I lost some with a hearn the fish were recovering fine I put some mesh over edge of pond but now they are sitting lifeless ag bottom and not eating for 2 weeks some have already died I done a partial water change but things not improving any advice, Hello Robert. Goldfish are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium, especially for beginners. Wonderful fish, just a pity they are too fast to catch and are rapidly maxing out the pond. The Orfe is definitely better kept in larger ponds, 800 gallons+. Are they just swimming around aimlessly, or are they also browsing (foraging) on the bottom? Some great ideas would be Barbel, Barbs, Catfish, Goldfish, Golden Orfe, Tench, Pleco, and Sturgeon. pH: 7.0-8.0, dH: up to 25 … Would they be safe? With voracious appetites, you’ll need to supplement their diet with things such as earthworms, bloodworms, and meat-based pellets or flakes with plenty of protein. Life span: 10-30 years Ease of keeping: Moderate, needs large pond Ease of breeding: Hard. I would probably try to treat it as you always have been since you’ve been successful keeping orfes, and make that tough decision when you feel the fish is not having any real quality of life. I put four 4-inch orfe in my 3500 gal pond in Aug. 2016.