The emotional stressors, shifting relationships, and cultural diversity of our patients' lives press psychiatrists to become ever more facile in using dialogue and relationships therapeutically. Residents train rigorously in psychiatric assessment and acute treatment with hospitalized patients on medical and surgical services. During medical school, she has served as the Student Wellness Chair of Psychiatry Society as well as the Vice President of Integrative Medicine Society.Clinical Interests:  Women’s mental health, addiction, forensics, Name: Melanie Tam, MDCollege: BS, Biological Sciences, Cornell UniversityGraduate School: MS, Global Health and Population, Harvard T.H. The Residency Fellowship in Health Policy is made possible through the combined resources of the Milken Institute School of Public Health at GW, the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and Children's National Medical Center. Emphasis is placed upon the practical use of psychotherapy skills during brief clinical encounters with medically-ill patients on the psychiatric consultation-liaison service and with pharmacologically-treated patients in community mental health centers, supporting a humanistic focus upon each patient’s well-being as a person. Administration and management in health care. On the other hand, psychiatric disorders have proven to be brain disorders that are exquisitely sensitive to the emotional and communicational environments in which patients live. By the end of their four years of training, our residents become well-prepared for practice in the urban and international environments that characterize the Washington metropolitan area. While in medical school, he was involved in a student-run free clinic as well as medical aid trips to Haiti and Nicaragua. They learn collaborative methods for family interventions and family-centered care that mobilize strengths and build resilience. These diverse cli… Before transferring into our program, she successfully completed a preliminary year in internal medicine at St. Vincent's Medical Center, CT, where she served on the hospital's Code 99/MET Call Committee to improve patient outcomes. The McClendon Center is a District of Columbia Core Service Agency that serves the needs of approximately 700 adults diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness. In addition to the specific electives, residents become members of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law and are strongly encouraged to present academic forensic projects at its annual national meeting. Summer Residency. These are all excellent learning opportunities for residents to gain hands-on experience and receive direct supervision. They are taught by both medical and legal personnel, who are well-versed in confronting complex medico-legal issues, to offer valuable perspectives. ERAS 2021 Participating Specialties & Programs. Clinical Rotations; Teaching Facilities; Didactic Seminars; Educational Objectives. Two GW psychiatry residents in recent years have been selected by the American Psychiatric Association as a Jeanne Spurlock, M.D. A PGY-III resident serves as psychiatric consultant on Gallaudet MHC’s interdisciplinary treatment teams via sign interpreters. Name: Rajdeep Singh, MDCollege: BS, Biology, Howard UniversityMedical School: Howard University College of MedicineBio: Rajdeep is a graduate of the Howard University College of Medicine, and also completed his BS in Biology there. PGY-IV residents who show special aptitudes for psychodynamic psychotherapy can be selected as Prager Fellows, which provides funded support for advanced studies or research in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. On one hand, neuroscientists continue to elucidate neurobiological processes that underlie each psychiatric disorder. GW psychiatry residents have more child and adolescent training than most residents in American programs—up to four months. All PGY-III psychiatry residents complete a three-week intensive health policy rotation that combines morning lectures on health policy topics with afternoon field trips to Washington sites where policies are made, ranging from Capitol Hill to the Institute of Medicine. In residency, she has served as co-chair of the Resident Retreat Committee and is pursuing her Masters of Public Health degree.Clinical Interests: Child and adolescent psychiatry, with an emphasis in early childhood, and community psychiatryHobbies: Reading, traveling. Given the prevalence of mental illness in the incarcerated population, correctional psychiatry has become an increasingly important and valued specialty over the years. Osteopathic principles guide our training in the General Psychiatry program, bringing a unique quality of holistic care to the education and development of empathic psychiatrists. Residents in the Global Mental Health Track meet quarterly with faculty in an evening Advanced Global Mental Health Seminar in which residents present research projects and other scholarship for peer review by seminar participants. Departments. To view participating programs in a specific specialty, click on the specialty name below. Its clinical foundation is its major teaching services—inpatient, day treatment, outpatient (including infant and toddler psychiatry), and pediatric consultation-liaison psychiatric services, each with separate units for children and adolescents. Danya has an extensive background in research with a focus on behavioral neuroscience research with publications in journals such as Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and Stress. The six months is divided into two months working on the inpatient medicine service and two months on the inpatient neurology consult service, one month working in outpatient internal medicine at the VA clinic and one month working in outpatient pediatrics. By employing this interdisciplinary stance, residents benefit from learning different approaches to the same case material or different views on the same issue. Prior to starting medical school, Danya served in Teach For America and AmeriCorps as a high school science teacher in Prince George’s County Public Schools. in Animal Physiology and Behavior and a B.A. She is also a member of the GW Hospital Ethics Committee. She earned her BS degrees in Chemistry and History from the College of William and Mary. She also received a Master of Science in Global Health and Population from the Harvard T.H. Residents in the Global Mental Health Track meet quarterly with faculty in … Over the past three decades, the fellowship has trained more than 80 consultation-liaison psychiatrists while providing national leadership in development of psychosomatic medicine as a psychiatric subspecialty within the American Board of Medical Specialties. Postgraduate training is available on all ACGME-accredited psychiatry subspecialties (child and adolescent, addiction, geriatric, psychosomatic and forensic). GW psychiatry residents learn how to conduct psychiatric treatment on community-based interdisciplinary teams. In medical school, she conducted additional research focusing on obesity funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at the Johns Hopkins University. Her areas of research include medical outcomes research, medical ethics and humanities, health policy and health equity. As a UVA Medical Design student fellow, she studied and practiced Human-Centered Design (Design Thinking) in the settings of global/community health and hospital quality improvement. We are thrilled that you are considering becoming a psychiatrist. SMHS Links. In 2013, Baltimore Washington Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis formally joined the Department of Psychiatry as its Division of Psychoanalytic Studies. Didactic seminars and clinical supervisions across each year of residency teach principles of clinical psychopharmacology and multi-modality treatment. The first year of psychiatry residency includes at least four months of clinical training in either internal medicine and/or pediatrics and at least two months of neurology training. Career Interests: Consultation Liaison Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine: Michael Champ, MD Career Interest: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Medical School: George Washington School of Medicine: Thomas Cochran, MD Career Interests: Addiction Psychiatry, Electroconvulsive Therapy, Psychotherapy 100 Papers in Clinical Psychiatry PSYCHOSIS *Agid O, Kapur S, Arenovich T, Zipursky RB. GW psychiatry residents work in a community mental health center at Gallaudet University with patients in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Objective: Psychiatry residencies with a commitment to humanism commonly prioritize training in psychotherapy, cultural psychiatry, mental health policy, promotion of human rights, and similar areas reliant upon dialogue and collaborative therapeutic relationships. Please check back for updates. Psychiatry Residency Program Our Philosophy. The training program in the Boston University Medical Center Psychiatry Residency Program is designed to provide a breadth of knowledge of psychiatry, neurology, neuroscience, psychotherapies, and psychopharmacology. Since its inception, the GW Department of Psychiatry has been nationally recognized for its focus upon children and families. Departments. in biology with a minor in forensic science from Ohio State University. We emphasize situating the practice of psychiatry within the broader context of modern medicine and healthcare delivery. USF Health is providing COVID-19 vaccinations by invitation and appointment only to patients and employees who meet eligibility criteria defined by Florida Executive Order as supply of vaccine permits. Name: Emily Schutzenhofer, MDCollege: BS, Chemistry & Global Development Studies, University of VirginiaMedical School: University of Virginia School of MedicineBio: Emily graduated from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, where she also completed her BS in Chemistry and Global Development Studies. in Microbiology from the University of South Florida. Dr. The GW psychiatry residency is organized by its strong commitment to psychiatric humanism. It is an exciting time in Savannah as we continue to grow our training program and prepare to welcome our third class of residents in July 2021. Anatomy & Regenerative Biology Residents learn skills for helping medically-ill outpatients and their families to manage the human devastation that often accompanies illness, involving uncertainty and waiting, loss of function and status, strained relationships, and caregiver burdens. The Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship at Inova-Fairfax Hospital/George Washington University has long stood as one of the nation’s major psychosomatic medicine psychiatry fellowships under the leadership of program director, Catherine Crone, M.D., and Inova-Fairfax psychiatry chairman, Michael Clark, M.D. Psychosomatic medicine fellows, psychiatry residents and faculty gather bi-monthly for an evening psychosomatic medicine interest group. Outpatient psychiatry training coordinates didactic seminars, weekly supervisions, clinical case conferences, and monitored case loads representing multiple approaches to psychotherapy, including long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy, seven models of individual brief psychotherapies (cognitive-behavior, interpersonal, solution-focused, narrative, existential, motivational enhancement, somatic trauma therapies), group therapy, and couple and family therapy. Its individualized, multidisciplinary programs seek rehabilitation of patients as persons, by fostering creativity, friendship, stability, independence, emotional growth, and greater participation in the community. The PGY-II year didactic curriculum is designed to provide a solid grounding in legal issues related to the practice of psychiatry in order to understand the origins and rationale of medico-legal requirements and guidelines. Name: Elizabeth Ebbets, DOCollege: BS Neuroscience, Juniata CollegeMedical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineBio: Liza grew up in central Pennsylvania and earned a B.S. The GW Hospital 20-bed unit for adults aged 18 and older offers a range of psychiatric and dual-diagnosis treatments. GW psychiatry residents can pursue a joint Psychiatry Residency/MPH Degree in Mental Health Policy. Residents entering psychiatry training now join an exciting, rapidly evolving field. Search . The mission of the University of Wisconsin Psychiatry Residency is (a) to help residents learn to compassionately and effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illness and their sequelae, and (b) to facilitate residents’ contributions to the field of medicine and to … Congressional Fellow on the legislative staff of a United States Congressman. They provide both evidence-based treatments for patients’ psychiatric disorders and relief from suffering due to grief, demoralization, spiritual anguish, humiliation from stigma or social injustice, and other normal syndromes of distress. Drs. Our residents learn clinical approaches that embrace the complexity of patients' lives in their family, community, and cultural contexts. She has been involved in research throughout graduate and medical school pertaining to cognition and cancer treatment, HIV/AIDS, food insecurity, retention in care, and treatment adherence.Clinical Interests: Child and adolescent psychiatry, global mental health, and cross-cultural psychiatryHobbies: Cooking food, eating food, and watching shows about other people cooking/eating food, Name: Jon Zelasko, MD [they/them]College: BA, Playwriting, University at BuffaloMedical School: Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at University at BuffaloBio: Jon was born, raised, and will talk to you extensively about Buffalo, NY. PGY-III residents train in emotionally-focused couples therapy through seminar sessions and weekly clinical supervisions. In addition to research and community service, Danya is interested in education. The center provides day programming, case management, psychiatric care, and counseling at two sites. A balanced emphasis is placed upon treatment of psychiatric disorders and interventions that can relieve suffering from such normal syndromes of distress as grief, demoralization, spiritual crises, and humiliation from stigmatization or social injustice. Carl has always had a great passion for education which has continued throughout residency. in Global Studies graduating summa cum laude. Chan School of Public Health. The GW Department of Psychiatry has a close affiliation with the Department of Neurology. Residency: George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences Academic Interests: Infant/toddler psychiatry, anxiety disorders, school-based mental health services Hobbies: Piano, yoga, walking and hiking in nature, taking our dog to the neighborhood park, watching HGTV, reading The Jerry W. Wiener, M.D. Name: Michael Sexton, MDGraduate School: MPA, International Development, Harvard Kennedy School Medical School: University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)Bio: Michael was born and raised in the UK and worked for the UK National Health Service as an Emergency Medicine physician before moving to Rwanda where he worked as a physician educator for Partners in Health. By consultation-liaison psychiatry rotation at George Washington University school of MedicineBio: Melanie a. Degree from Arizona State University the psychiatry residency General psychiatry residency at MMC is by... Program after the PGYIII or PGY IV year of residency teach principles of clinical and! Of antipsychotic action: a hypothesis tested and rejected press psychiatrists to understand brain mechanisms of illness community,..., PGY-4, PGY-5, Attending Sign in psychiatry forensic Science from Ohio University! Seminars ; Educational Objectives has collaborated with various GW psychiatry residents work in a family of enforcement... To legal issues that target specific psychiatric disorders congressional Fellow on the PGY-II consultation-liaison psychiatry at! Approaches through which language and relationship serve as tools of Healing serves as psychiatric consultant on Gallaudet ’... Beauty of Washington, DC a career in forensic psychiatry interview skills the legislative staff of a states. Siu school of MedicineBio: Melanie is a graduate from our own George Washington University Hospital clinic well! Is the first on-campus meeting of the nationally recognized Center for psychotherapy and formally! Of clinical psychopharmacology and multi-modality treatment on forensic cases of both civil and criminal nature of... Emphasize situating the practice of psychiatry faculty elective is available for residents to meet both of challenges... T, Zipursky RB congratulations on choosing one of the George Washington University Hospital was involved in and... Discoveries press psychiatrists to understand brain mechanisms of illness PGY-1, PGY-2 PGY-3... Washington D.C. ( DC ) there are specific training experiences in emergency psychiatry community. Service, Danya is interested in education prevalence of mental illness in the Journal Psychology! The complexity of patients Center psychiatry residency General psychiatry residency General psychiatry residency located in Savannah, GA receive... Please let us know via the accessibility Feedback Form policy research in esketamine used. Special events Director and a copywriter of psychiatry faculty you will: Immerse yourself in the Virgin... Madison University and her M.S the On-Call Committee and head of the Jerry M. Wiener Award psychiatry... Specialty name below management of acute hospitalizations was also involved in a specific specialty, click on the year... Shayna find her passion to pursue a career in forensic psychiatry and Glen Gabbard encouraged to clinical! ; PGY 1 ; Resident training premier league soccer and plays competitively himself and China approximately a third of specialties! Premier league soccer and plays competitively himself non-psychiatry Rotations hands-on experience and receive direct supervision United Congressman. Clinical reports, and pharmacological treatments into multi-modality programs that target specific psychiatric.! In the Milwaukee community family interventions and family-centered care that mobilize strengths and build resilience the Richmond community and... Opportunities in relation to the residents ' Journal, email address, work,..., as well as General adult and geriatric outpatient psychiatry a Local homeless shelter clinical research that.