Got my C red glitter coffin, man G, just need one l F ast n A7 ail. [Verse] C G F A7 F A7 Eternal Life is now on my trail C G F A7 F A7 Got my red glitter coffin, man, just need one last nail C G F A7 F A7 While all these u - Yalp C Eternal L G ife is now on F my t A7 rail. Life Eternal Bass Tab Highlighted Show chords diagrams Tabbed by: 6METAL6BASSIST6 E-mail: Tuning: EADG There's a lot more to this bassline than people think that people miss, and isn't in the guitarpro version, luckily I've listened to this song over 500 times and I think I figured it out..use distortion. Eternal Life chords by Jeff Buckley with chords drawings, easy version, 12 key variations and much more. This is a pretty simple song. It's played in all the verses I think. to just bash away on, and a lot of fun. Take a look at my other covers from the album "Prequelle" ! (Especially if you have a distortion pedal!) Play Eternal Life Chords using simple video lessons EADGBE. Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life Chords Learn the song with the online tablature player. Jeff Buckley Guitar Chords: Eternal Life; Green Day Guitar Chords: Welcome To Paradise; Toad The Wet Sprocket Guitar Chords: Something’s Always Wrong; Oasis Guitar Chords: Don’t Look Back In Anger; The Beatles Guitar Chords: In My Life; Jeff Bridges Guitar Chords: Fallin & Flyin’ Ben Folds Five Guitar Chords… It is played by a second guitar. Life Is Eternal chords by Carly Simon. Life Eternal Tabs - Mayhem, Version (1). ... and blow your kiss h [A] ello to life eternal, [Em] angel [C] Racist e [G] veryman, what have y [F] ou do [A7] ne? Eternal Life Chords - Jeff Buckley, Version (1). Chords: Dm, C, G, A#, Am, F. Play song with guitar, piano, bass, ukulele. [D/F#] [Asus2] You better turn around and blow your kiss hello to life eternal, angel There is a little fill that goes underneath the A chords. Standard tuning for this song, for both chords and tab. [Ab E A Db Bb C Am F Bbm Abm] Chords for Mayhem - Life Eternal Live with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. While a C ll these ugly gentlemen p G lay out their fooli F sh ga A7 mes. Play Life Eternal Tabs using simple video lessons