He traveled to Dac, and during an address to the Mon Calamari Council, he ordered the immediate execution of one-tenth of their population. It was during this peaceful era of expansion that first contact came with the Galactic Republic in 4166 BBY, just prior to the Great Sith War. Homeworld: The watery world of Mon Calamari. However, in following years, most EU sources began to call the planet "Mon Calamari." The Death Star would destroy Dac once completed, but Emperor Palpatine died before the Empire could put its plans into action. The oceans of Mon Cala held an abundance of life, including two influential sentient species;[22] the peaceful Mon Calamari and the more bellicose Quarren species. When Lee-Char and his Jedi protector, Padawan Ahsoka Tano, were the only ones who had evaded capture, Dooku sought to finish what he had begun with Kolina's assassination: the termination of the royal bloodline through the execution of the prince. During the Clone Wars, Mon Cala devolved into a civil war between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, whose efforts were being backed by the Separatists. The planet, which was featured in Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, was notably described as the native home to Mon Calamari and the Quarren in canon, including characters like Admiral Gial Ackbar. Calamari sector[1] Ackbar represented the planet on the New Republic Provisional Council. Astrographical information Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. The combined Alliance, Imperial, and civilian fleet was only able to save around twenty percent of Dac's Mon Calamari, Quarren, Whaladons, and Moappa. Government Mon Calamarian[2]Quarrenese[2]Galactic Basic Standard[2] Darth Luft and his pirates also kept their children and elderly relatives hostage. They are humanoid, about 1.7m tall, and are most commonly seen with salmon-coloured skin (though their skin may have other tones as well, including blue, dark blue, green, and purple) and a high-domed head with large eyes and webbed hands. The Mon Calamari disrupted and mined known routes that led to their sector, while searching for new secret routes. The Alliance was formed on Mon Calamari, which served as its original capital until the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. So the Republic and Jedi intervened. The Imperials were aided during the occupation by the sabotage of the planetary shields by Quarren saboteurs such as Seggor Tels, swiftly conquering the planet. Diameter The Republic and Mon Calamari forces have been defeated and captured by Riff Tamson, who seeks to rule Mon Cala as its new king, backed by the Separatists. As tensions grew, Count Dooku sent commander Riff Tamson to ensure that the groups would not succeed in a compromise, while the Galactic Republic sent Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. According to the old Expanded Universe (now Star Wars Legends) material, the Galactic Empire occupied the planet of Mon Calamari (also known as Mon Cala or Dac). [33] Senator Padmé Amidala and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker were sent to Dac,[40] but the Quarren Chieftan, Nossor Ri, responded by asking for an envoy from the Separatists' side to be present for the negotiations as well, a call that was answered by Tamson. After Mon Calamari's revolution against the Empire, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren joined with the Rebel Alliance, proving to be an invaluable asset in the Galactic Civil War. [25], Around five hundred years before the Battle of Naboo, a number of needy Mon Calamari and Quarren locals were approached by recruiters sent by Hugo Bartyn. Calamari sector[1] Indigenous home to both the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, arch enemies from times predating space travel itself, Mon Calamari remains a planet with a relatively peaceful surface despite the … Coral[3]Keelkana[11]Krakana[12]Lee romay[13]Mon Calamari eel[13]Mon Cal microplankton[14]Unidentified Mon Cala creature[15]Unidentified squid-like creature[6] Suns [Source]. [11] The planet was later represented in the New Republic Senate by Q-Varx, who was revealed as a traitor and replaced by Cilghal.[47]. [26], In Luke Skywalker's dream in 34 ABY on Ahch-To, in which he imagined how things were if he hadn't joined the Rebel Alliance and instead stayed on Tatooine and married Camie Marstrap, the Empire used the Death Star to not only destroy Alderaan, but also Mon Cala and Chandrila.[27]. 2,[3] including Daca[2] Before this time, the Republic was aware of the existence of the Dac system throug… Mon Cala monarchy[2] Mon Cala Also known as Mon Calamari or Dac, Mon Cala is a a beautiful aquatic world filled with lush coral reefs and kelp forests bathed by the light of twin suns. Government The people of Trask are mainly comprised of Mon Calamari and their fellow Mon Cala natives, the Quarren. Mon Calamari vessels would play a key role in many battles and allow the Alliance fleet to meet the Imperial warships on a more even footing. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. Orbital position 21 standard hours[2] Outer Rim Territories[1] Cilghal was the first Mon Calamari to join the New Jedi Order. Take a look at the amazing underwater … Almost entirely covered by water, the planet is sometimes erroneously called Mon Calamari, a name which was given to the planet by humans. By the time of the Battle of Endor, Mon Calamari Star Cruisers were extensively used by the Alliance, playing a major role in the hands of Mon Calamari Admiral Gial Ackbar, who put them to good use in that decisive battle. Fauna Major cities Pwoe tried and failed to usurp the New Republic presidency and eventually joined the Ylesian Republic on Ylesia. Region A Mon Calamari named Aftab Ackbar, Admiral Ackbar's son, was created to appear as a minor character in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019), the final film in the sequel trilogy. It is home to the Mon Calamari … While his young son, Prince Lee-Char, was supposed to take the mantle, the Quarren, led by Nossor Ri, refused to accept him as their leader due to the prince's young age and inexperience. [23] The planet was ruled by a single monarch. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. 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Taking advantage of the political crisis, the Karkarodon Separatist adviser Riff Tamson stirred up trouble between the two species and funneled Separatist military support to the Quarren chieftain Nossor Ri. U-6[4] Most tend to also learn Quarrenese as well. [50], Following the defeat of the One Sith, the Sith were driven underground again, and a Galactic Federation Triumvirate, consisting of the Fel Empire, the Jedi Order, and the Galactic Alliance, assumed power in Coruscant. Ultimately their assault failed, as Dooku betrayed them. They have remarkable swimming skills, but while they can descend even 30 meters below the sea level and stay underwater for long periods of time, they feel uncomfortable in pushing their innate abilities to the extreme. As the capital planet of the Republic and later the Empire, Coruscant is used as the … The Mon Calamari lived comfortably on the surface and below while the Quarren lived in the depths of the oceans. Aar (Star Wars) Abregado-rae: AfEl: Ahch-To: Akiva (Star Wars) Alpheridies: Alzoc III: … In fact, the … 2[4] It was home to a wealth of sentient species: the Mon Calamari, the Quarren, the Moappa, the Amphi-Hydrus, and the Whaladons. During the Clone Wars, the Mon Calamari remained loyal to the Galactic Republic while the Quarren sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. They have webbed hands, large eyes, and protrusions on their chin called "barbels", which increase in number with age. Calamari system[2] Despite their differences, the two peoples had generally shown mutual respect throughout their history. [51], Dac abyss following the Second Imperial Civil War, One Quarren named Tikin befriended a Mon Calamari environmental engineer named Luen. Therefore the Imperial attack was postponed. Remove this message when finished. In 4000 BBY, the 2 sentient lifeforms on the planet (Mon Calamari and Quarren) together constructed several orbital facilities wich were used to study techniques like 0 gravity construction to starship propulsion. The planet lies in the Calamari System, in a sector of the same name in the Outer Rim. Climate The Mon Calamari and their Republic reinforcements continually lost ground,[33] with all of them eventually being captured by Tamson and put to work in prison camps for Dooku and the Confederacy. Additionally, other recent EU literature has adopted the name Dac when referring to Quarren CIS members. In 4500 BBY, the Quarren made war on the Mon Calamari, but the Mon Calamari won the war, resulting in the near-extinction of the Quarren. Languages: The Mon Calamari can speak, read, and write both Mon Calamarian and Basic. Primary terrain Trade routes They hail from the oceans of Mon Cala, a planet they share with the Quarren. The Mon Calamari are a fish-like humanoid species native of the planet Dac. The Mon Calamari are native to the planet Mon Cala, which they share with the Quarren (the aliens who invite Mando and Baby Yoda to travel on their trawler, though with an ulterior motive). Meena Tills was held hostage on Coruscant by Korunnai terrorists, but rescued by Republic Commandos. Climate Trask was an estuary moon orbiting the gas giant Kol Iben. The Mon Calamari people are a humanoid, aquatic species with high-domed heads, webbed hands and large, goggle-like eyes. The Mon Calamari raised the next generation of Quarren themselves, teaching them Mon Calamari values. Ackbar represented the planet on the New Republic Provisional Council. The Outer Rim Third Fleet, under the command of Admiral Krion Grail and supervised by Moff Geist and Fist Darth Stryfe, emerged from hyperspace behind the Alliance fleet. Although a relatively unknown planet to casual Star Wars fans, Mon Cala has always played an integral role in galactic politics. In the fourth season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, the planet is referred to as "Mon Cala."[3]. Coral City and Foamwander City (capitals)[11]Coral Depths City[11]Domed City of Aquarius[7]Wildwater City[10]Crystal Reef[34]Reef Home City[11]Heurkea Floating City[35]Morjanssik[15]Sar Galva[9]New Coral City[36]Orotoru G'am[6] [50], The Alliance covering evac ships fleeing Dac, Stazi led the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet to Dac, reinforced by an elite squadron of Jedi to the dying planet. The massive Whaladons meddled little in governmental affairs, swimming in their pods and protected from hunting by law. Investigating the possible involvement of a Jedi, Darth Vader and three Inquisitors arrived to find Barr, and Lee-Char notified Barr of this. Both Senators were signatories of the Delegation of 2000's petition, resulting in their arrest upon the Declaration of a New Order. Eventually, led by General Armitage Hux, the First Order sent a fleet to Mon Cala to show the galaxy what happened to those who sided against the Order.[28]. Native species A definitive Legends Clone Wars timeline was never established by Lucasfilm. The Alliance maintained a strong presence in the star system, including enough capital ships to defend against a standard Imperial battle line or perhaps even a squadron, but the Alliance and the Mon Calamari didn't have enough firepower in the system to repel a full Imperial attack squadron. [3] Unbeknownst to the Quarren, however, Tamson had made a deal with Dooku to become Dac's ruler after the planet fell under Separatist control.[23]. Tikkes's actions led to a conflict between the two native peoples, but the League was defeated by Kit Fisto and the Mon Calamari Knights. Some individuals attempted to acquire breeding pairs in order to clean up industrial spills on other worlds. Mon Cala There were also Separatist Mon Calamari, led by the heroic Commander Merai, backed by Passel Argente and the Corporate Alliance. Bel City[16]Dac City[5]Mon Cala city (capital)[2]New Coral City[17]Nystullum[18]Quarren city[2]Zeran Town[9] Shortly after the uprising, while preparing the planet to join efforts with the Rebel Alliance, the Imperial Senator Timi Rotramel attempted to bring other species and systems into the Rebellion against the Empire; unfortunately for Rotramel, shortly after failing to convince the Tiss'shar to join a Sector rebellion, he was killed on Tiss'shar by Darth Vader, who discovered his secret rendezvous with Tiss'shar President Si-Di-Ri. With Ahsoka's help, it is up to Prince Lee-Char to unite the people of his planet -- Mon Calamari and Quarren alike -- to rid the oceans of the Separatists invaders. [50], Dead floating in the water following the Final Protocol, With the Galactic Alliance fleet engaged in rescue operation, the Sith sprung their trap. Societal information [23] Despite the fear of living up to his father,[41] Lee-Char took his place as leader of the Mon Calamari, using his father's old friendship with Ri to convince the Quarren to re-side with them and the Republic. Regardless, the Imperial attack did not succeed in breaking the Mon Calamari spirit. He was created as a result of early script conversations between The Rise of Skywalker co-writers J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio , who provided the voice for the character. They hail from the oceans of Mon Cala, a planet they share with the Quarren. [5], The Empire began subjugating Mon Cala. To add to the confusion, the novel Assault at Selonia refers to it as "Mons Calamari." These … Mon Calamiri was the home planet of the aptly named, Mon Calamari. The Mon Calamari and Quarren both lived on the world and were often at odds as a result. As a gesture of reconciliation between the Quarren and Mon Calamari, Tikin's son Tilin was raised by Aunt Luen.[53]. The Mon Calamari retaliated by converting their buildings and civilian starships into warships and dispatching them from Mon Cala. Flora Dac (Mon Calamari) Mon Calamari is home to more than 27 billion inhabitants: the peace-loving Mon Calamari and the cautious Quarren. Once they arrived, however, they became slave laborers.[38]. The Empire sent Moff Wilhuff Tarkin on the Sovereign to negotiate with King Lee-Char. Blob fish[11]Blossoming gulper[2]Blutfish[15]Choarn[1]Coral worm[13]CowellCubicle worm[6]Dac anchovy[16]DevilsquidDrejil[17]Exosquidra[18]Fanladi[19]FlailerGhaleesit[19]Glottlefish[20]Glurpfish[21]Ice-lobster[22]IlikithKhasvaKieler[11]Knowledge Bank[11]KrabbexKrakana[1]Lampfish[1]Lee romay[23]Lishin[19]Lungfish[24]Moappa[8]Mon Cala eel[23]Narlit[19]Nexufish[13]Nudibranch[13]OctowhaleOrganic gillOshtra[19]Pliffer Fish[25]Pointer fish[26]Scrup[27]Sea flea[28]Sea LeviathanSeaskitt[29]Seasquid[10]Seggor[19]Squiges[24]Star-urchin[30]Sussimi[2]Terpfen[19]Tessek[19]Titan kantreyToklar[19]Unidentified Dac sea monster[31]Vekkor[19] Major exports Dac, as it was called in Mon Calamarian, Quarrenese, and Basic, also known as Mon Calamari and sometimes simply called Calamari or Mon Cala, was a planet in the Calamari system of the Calamari sector, located in the Outer Rim. Despite its appearance in early sources, canonicity of the name "Dac" was initially disputed. Sector The Mon Calamari people are a humanoid, aquatic species with high-domed heads, webbed hands and large, goggle-like eyes. Telvar's shuttle was sabotaged and destroyed, killing all on board. The roleplaying game supplement Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds brought Dac back into canon, noting that Dac was the name used by the natives in their own language for the world; some newer EU material has begun to refer to the planet by this name, where appropriate. 0 (after the Genocide on Dac)27 billion (before the Genocide on Dac)[4]60% Quarren39% Mon Calamari1% OtherHistoric: 27.5 billion49% Quarren46% Mon Calamari4% Human1% Other[2] The surface of the planet Mon Calamari (sometimes called simply Calamari) is covered with small marshy islands and enormous floating cities. Following the failure of a peace conference, the Separatists, led by Tamson, and the Quarren, led by Ri, began a combined assault on Dac's capital, Coral City. Dac is the home planet of the Mon Calamari and the Quarren. [52] This uprising coincided with an attack by the Galactic Triumvirate led by Admiral Stazi and the Imperial Knight Yalta Val, who liberated the slaves and apprehended the pirates. Instead, these unfortunate Quarren and Mon Calamari were enslaved by a pirate syndicate led by the rogue Sith Darth Luft, who forced them to build a fleet of ships in the remnants of the Mon Calamari Shipyards. During the battle against Daala, Leia Organa Solo discovered that the Mon Calamari Ambassador Cilghal, Ackbar's niece, was Force-sensitive. Mon Calamari is a planet capable of producing capital ships in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy. During the Imperial occupation of the planet and its system, the Mon Calamari started a resistance movement, which was unsuccessful at first. Example Names: Ackbar, Bant, Cilhal, Ibtisam, Jesmin, Oro, Perit, Rekara. [48] Under the rule of usurper Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt, the Quarren were placed in charge of the planet, as the new Sith Order held a number of Quarren amongst its members, most notably Darth Azard and the late Darth Maleval. [11] These three battles caused many cities to be destroyed, and members of all the indigenous sentient species suffered loss of life. Region The planet was discovered in 4166 BBY; by that time its inhabitants had already been exploring nearby star systems for several years. Later, Tikkes's Quarren Isolation League attempted to overthrow the Mon Calamari Council. System Major imports In order to retake Dac the Empire would have to launch a long campaign that might embolden other rebel planets. Temperate[3] The coral tended to thrive in areas bathed in the light of Mon Cala's twin suns, but some hardier species dwelt out of the light deep below the surface. The resulting battle resulted in the destruction of more than half of the Shipyards.[48]. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. The First Order arrives to make an example of Mon Cala. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles. Chadkol Gee, Nossor Ri's advisor contacted the First Order. The Mon Calamari Shipyards were a very important part of the economy. Mon Calamari was attacked during the Second Imperial Civil War. The New Republic defeated further Imperial invasions thrice at Mon Calamari: the first time against the Whaladon hunting submarines of Emperor Trioculus's Imperial faction; the second against the World Devastators of the resurrected Palpatine's Dark Empire; and the third against the Star Destroyers of Admiral Daala's Maw fleet. After the fall of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong in 27 ABY, the remaining senators and politicians of the new Republic government fled to Mon Calamari, which had not been taken by the Yuuzhan Vong. Related: Who Plays The New Mandalorians In Season 2, Episode 3. Temperate[2] Mon Cala would play a vital role in shaping galactic history by its involvement in the Galactic Civil War between the tyrannical Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, pledging the ships of its mercantile and exodus fleets to the cause of the latter. 11,030 km[2] The homeworld of the Mon Calamari is the planet Mon Cala, which they share with another species called the Quarren, who briefly kidnap Mando in … There was a rule for departing ships against ascending into the upper atmosphere inside the harbor zone. [22], During the Clone Wars, the eighty-second King of Mon Cala, Yos Kolina, was murdered as part of a Separatist plot to stir up unrest among the people. Foodstuffs[2]Medicine[2]Technology[2] [25], Mon Cala was one of the worlds Emperor Palpatine intended to target following the completion of the second Death Star, which he planned to use to destroy the rebel stronghold and wipe out the Rebellion through sheer terror. This led to the defeat of Tamson and the removal of the Separatist presence on Dac, and Lee-Char succeeding his father[23] as Dac's ruler. It was included in a map of the galaxy with a legend listing the various Alliance safe worlds, starfighter hubs at level five or higher, rebel operations sectors and regional headquarters, and shadow planets with deep-space caches. Mon Calamari was a founding member of both the Alliance of Free Planets and the New Republic. In these deep sea beds of limited light, bioluminescence was a common trait for plants. Points of interest Imperial TIE bombers attacking a floating city on Dac. Based on the details presented in the episode, it seemed like The Mandalorian was setting up an appearance by the oceanic planet of Mon Cala. Grid coordinates This work included falsified claims that the first contact between the Mon Calamari and galactic civilization occurred during the reign of the Galactic Empire.