Failure to do so may result in extra shipping and handling costs. Midnight Special Fly Rod Warranty Replacement. Moonshine rods. Last edited: Jan 7, 2017. ravenbc Well-known member. Wholesale Fishing Tackle in Franklin, TN. The cork handle is extremely high quality and the rod uses premium titanium stripper guides. Report abuse. I usually fish Sage and Loomis but wanted to get a 5 weight possibly. Looking at them online not bad 200.00 bucks with life time warranty. Regular price $ 38 Quantity. If the damage is your fault, Moonshine can do the repairs at lower prices ranging from $40 to $60. They can get stepped on, shake hands with a car door, even the elusive rock or tree fish can leave you stranded! "This spring I made the 2 hour drive to fish Spring Creek in Central PA. FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING to Most Locations! 5.0 out of 5 stars Must-have fly rod! Makes me feel that if I ever need them for the lifetime rod warranty I will be well taken care of. Reached out directly to them with a question via their website and received a reply on my inquiry very quickly. FREE Shipping by Amazon High Grade AAA cork grips and fighting butt with burled cork ends. No need to send in your entire rod and the time it takes to arrive and process it. HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for your ongoing support of our little fly rod company, and every single photo you've tagged us in lately! Outstanding!! Powered by Shopify. Anyone cast or have one of these rods? Moonshine Rod Company. Moonshine Lures is a family owned and operated business. January 29, 2016 The Moonshine Rod Company’s Drifter series is a custom- made rod with a top of the line quality. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 7. The Moonshine Epiphany Fly Rod is a great new addition to our lineup of the best euro nymphing rods of 2021. Warranty replacement fees are currently (as of May 2020) $38 per rod section for all series rods other than the Vesper, which is $45. Once your payment is completed, please CLICK HERE to find the Midnight Special Warranty Form. Introduction. I am extremely happy with the product. Kindly keep it in mind that the warranty does not cover intentional damage or flagrant abuse. FREE Flask or Fly Box with any Rod or Reel! We are a small batch, blue collar fly rod company that offers more for less. My son who is a very beginner fly fisherman discovered Moonshine Fly rods. Please note: If we are unable to fix or replace your rod due to lack of inventory or beyond repair, we will replace it with a similar rod from our current lineup. Moonshine Rod Company. For such a quality rod, you’d expect it to break the bank! No Fault LIFETIME Warranty! Moonshine Rod Co. They seem to be priced roughly with Orvis, come with an extra top piece and have a lifetime warranty. Moonshine Rod Company Vesper Fly Rod Warranty Replacement. Have any of you fine people heard of or used Moonshine Rods, kits, blanks, or components? Flylords: Can you tell us a little bit about the team behind the brand? The only question you will have after buying a moonshine rod will be what one to buy next! Today I am going to be reviewing the Moonshine Rod Co. Our goal is to produce high quality Super Glow tackle products. Please make your selections carefully so we may accurately fulfill your claim. Purchasing a high end fly rod can be a challenge. It’s A high-quality fly rod that effectively meets all your fly fishing needs. I am more than impressed with every aspect of my new Moonshine rod and with this seller. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod. Regular price $ 229 NEW REDESIGN! I have the 7' 6'' 3-wt and it casts fantastic with a relatively cheap line and reel. Please make your selections carefully so we may accurately fulfill your claim. Read more. New Gear: The “Vesper” Fly Rod by Moonshine. Moonshine: We’re a blue-collar built, performance rod company that makes quality rods at a price everyone can afford. . Helpful. Proof of purchase in the form of a matching order confirmation required. Copyright © 2021, Moonshine Rod Company. 00. 5wt 8ft Revival Series fiberglass rod from Moonshine Rod Company. Regular price $ 65 Sold Out. Once you have paid the fee and made your selections, we will get your section to you ASAP. Moonshine Drifter Fly Rod is a rod-like no other! Add to Cart. Little details, like using copper anodized, not the common stainless steel, hardware. This makes it light, sensitive and strong. This is sure to give you peace of mind when ordering the rod. Moonshine Rod Company Midnight Special Fly Rod Warranty Replacement. This is my unbiased and honest Moonshine Vesper 5-weight review after using the set-up. We appreciate it more than you can imagine. 4.8 out of 5 stars 338. The Drifter Series Fly Rod by Moonshine Co. is one of the better fly rods in its price range for a couple of reasons. A: Moonshine Rod Co. offers one of the best warranty programs in the industry. One, it has a lifetime warranty. Intermediate/Advanced Euro Nymphing Rods Moonshine Epiphany 10’6″ 3-Weight – $225.00 ... Anglers can fish the P2 Pipeline with confidence as Syndicate offers a lifetime limited warranty. In the case of discontinued rods or colors / designs, we may substitute a similar rod. Powered by Shopify. You can’t get that anywhere else. This form must be filled out and included with your entire rod. I genuinely hope they do. These are custom rods and require a new section to match the original one of a kind rod you purchased, therefore our turn around is anywhere from 4-6 weeks, but we try to service them sooner. I purchased a 9 foot, 6 weight rod. Home › Drifter Fly Rod Warranty Replacement. Once your payment is completed, please CLICK HERE to find the Midnight Special Warranty Form. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod is a top of the line rod that really catches the eye, just by looking at this superb rod you can tell it is constructed of high-quality materials and a lot of work ahs went into making it. Carefully follow directions for your unique rod series below. All Moonshine rods come with a no-fault lifetime warranty, including the Drifter series fly rods. I found one lengthy general discussion about them on the forum and lots of ebay advertisements for them. The Drifter Fly Rod is covered by a lifetime No Fault warranty. They have glass and graphite. MOONSHINE LURES Super GlowDodger #2 (6")EACH SOLD SEPARATELY!CHOOSE YOUR COLOR! No storied history quite yet, but Moonshine fly rods are clearly out to make their mark. I am relatively new to fly fishing and after buying few rods I decided to buy Moonshine's. No refunds will ever be granted past the initial 30 day period after purchase. Payment for a Midnight Special Warranty Claim. Outcast - 6wt 9' - Saltwater Hybrid - Matte Black/Copper. International warranty claims may require an additional shipping fee. Warranties apply only to rods made by Moonshine Rod Company, and not any accessories, apparel, reels, fly line, etc. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. To get you back up on the water even quicker, we are now sending you the replacement section. Q: Does this come with warranty? We just got our hands on this rod late last year and we’re currently in the testing phase, but all things are looking great so far. Moonshine Rod Company. This rod was exactly what I was looking for. Sizes 3-6wt to end the week. Jan 7, 2017 #2 I followed them on Facebook think they are a brand new company the makes Rods and tobacco pipes. Rizzo. *It is very important that you fill out the Midnight Special Warranty Form in order to process your repair quickly and efficiently. The warranty is like none other and if you have an issue these guys will email you back within minutes literally! The Truth About Fly-Rod Reviews. By Kirk Deeter. Rods can get knocked around a lot, creating a micro fracture in the blank that can weaken it, or the near miss streamer-to-the-back-of-the-head that impacted your rod instead. We encourage you to checkout this great article about. The idea of spending several hundred dollars on a piece of fishing equipment requires extreme confidence and assurance that it will perform for years to come. What a nice rod!! I know that's only good if the company is still open obviously. Hard Canvas 5 Compartment Fly Rod Tube with Embroidered Moonshine Logo Anodized Hardware, from the reel seat to the tip top! Since Mondays rod drop sold out in an hour, I added a few extras of the popular Blue Flame and Chernobyl Green Burl to the mix. Each Moonshine rods comes with two tip sections, no-fault lifetime warranty, and hard fly rod tube. Product Reviews: Moonshine Rod Company Midnight Special ($299; ... even though they also carry a warranty. Payment for a Midnight Special Warranty Claim. This fly rod is beautiful from cork to tip, and the finish is the nicest I’ve seen on any rod. It is beautiful, extremely, well made, come with an extra tip, and has a unbelievable warranty that I have yet to find on any other fly rod. Zip open the top and you’ll find 5 rod sections. Save Share. The Vesper is the newest series of fly rods from Moonshine Rods.Available in weights 3-10 and both fresh and saltwater models, the Vesper is positioned as the boutique rod builder’s marquee product. This organization is not BBB accredited. I get the sense that there’s conscience here, and all they need is a little more word of mouth, a few big-hitters to carry some rods, and they might just pull this off. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod. These fees may be increased as time goes on to account for inflation or any major increases in component costs. Moonshine: Nick, one of the founders and CEO has a background in the tech world, is forward-thinking and wishes he was on the water a little more these days. When you invest with Moonshine, you'll get a LIFETIME warranty with an industry competitive fee to get you back up and running, ASAP. Failure to do so may result in extra shipping and handling costs. Moonshine Lures Super Glow Dodger #2 (6") CHOOSE YOUR COLOR! Add to Cart. The Moonshine rod comes with four high-performance graphite blanks that allow comfortable action. Although we do our best ensure tight quality control, like any product, we can swing and miss. Moonshine Rod Co. is so certain you’ll love the rod that they’ve offered a lifetime warranty. For general inquiries, please send an email to and we'll get back to you, stat. We understand your fly fishing adventures can present obstacles that can leave you dead in the water with a busted rod. Add to Cart. Rods can be expensive, but the Epiphany is refreshingly moderately priced. Moonshine Rod Company Drifter Fly Rod Warranty Replacement. No fee will be required if the problem is due to any manufacturing defect. Home › Vesper Fly Rod Warranty Replacement. It measures 9 feet long and weighs just about 3.9 ounces. $199.00 $ 199. A: The Moonshine Drifter Fly Rod is a medium action rod. The Moonshine Rod Co. Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the rod. FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING to Most Locations! For general inquiries, please send an email to and we'll get back to you, stat. Starting with the rod tube that features a raised, stitched logo – not a common sight on rod tubes these days. Regular price $ 55.00 Quantity. Midnight Specials are $65 per rod section. * YOU MUST COMPLETE AND SEND IN A COPY WITH YOUR ROD TO THE ADDRESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FORM IN ORDER TO BE PROCESSED. The Moonshine Rod Co. went beyond the norm when selecting materials for the Drifter Series rods. Failure to complete all steps will delay service for your rod: This form must be filled out and included with your entire rod. Please allow 1- 2 weeks, although we usually get them out much quicker. Love the travel rod tube moonshine ships their rods in. The Outcast - 8wt 9' - Salt. With a vast array of rod models and so many different elements to consider, picking a rod that meets all your needs is a challenge. Regular price $ 65 Quantity. Custom fly rods made by experienced craftsmen. Messages 117 Reaction score 12. For any specific questions concerning our Midnight Special Warranty, please email: 555 talking about this. Excited to get into one of my favorite nymphing runs, I carelessly set my rod on top of my SUV while I wadered up. Beautiful rod, from tip top to bottom.