By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. NTU TAUGHT MODULE Induction Package Key Contact Personnel Course Schedule & Venue NTU Network Account & Password NTU Email Account NTULearn IT Support Library Services Attendance Assessment Components Tests & Examinations Access Arrangements Withdrawing from an H3 Module Withdrawal Schedule Contact Us. Exam Timetable. Access your timetable on the go, find an available PC, register your attendance, check NOW and much more. Start preparing for your studies now by downloading your course induction details. 6 3 Total hours 26 12 . The task is an important part of your induction, so complete it before you arrive. Examinations. 2 . Whilst all courses will be taught through a mixture of face-to-face and online teaching, we recognise that due to restrictions on travel from overseas, self-isolation and the shielding issues associated with COVID-19, there may be some students who are unable to be on campus. Induction is spread over a few days but starts on Thursday 1st October 2020 and activities will be scheduled from induction day onwards. • Induction timetable • My learning • Assessment • Academic support . 50 Shakespeare Street This winter fitness pass can be activated from the 21 December 2020 until the 31 December 2020 for 7 consecutive days. Contacts Carole Bowles Administrator - MA Education PT Lionel Robbins room 103 Telephone: (0115) 848 3282 Email: Course Leader Alison Hardy ABK332 Telephone: (0115) 848 2198 Email: 21 September 2017 12 IM NTU Fixpoints Let Sbe the set of all states of a system. Keep in touch with Nottingham Trent University from anywhere, on or off campus. NTU 7-day Winter Fitness Pass . The most important advantage for the CRLH TLs is that they can be used to design leaky wave antennas which can radiate backward in the left-handed (LH) mode and forward in the right-handed mode. Induction Week. You should also plan your welcome activities around your course induction. Perfect for those looking to stay active and healthy over the winter break. NTU TAUGHT MODULES Induction Package. Click here for the (Bridging) Semester 1 of AY2018-19 Timetable.,,,,,,,,,, Lines are open:Monday – Thursday 8.30 am – 5 pm Login ID for NTU Network Account FORMS . Assessment rubrics: 1. Requests can be submitted via this online form. Find out more here. TBC. CA1 – Quiz #1 2 . It is important to note that you are not required to attend Nottingham. This website uses cookies to enhance your user experience. Nottingham. All new starters should receive an invite to attend, alternatively you can book a place directly.. It is based on student feedback gathered during Welcome Week in 2005, 2… Also, when the adhesive is sandwiched between insulating material like rubber or wood, traditional activators like heat, light and air cannot easily reach the adhesive. Guidance about completing the induction pages can be obtained from each School’s Learning & Teaching Co-coordinator. Click on the name of the year to show the key dates for that year. A set S′∈P(S) is called a fixpoint of a function τ: P(S) →P(S) if τ(S′) = S′. For most, it’s the transition to becoming a university student: finding their way around the campus, meeting new people and, most importantly, learning in a different, more autonomous manner. Course Induction Pre-arrival activities guide NTU Guidance on Pre-arrival induction activities Page 1 therefore are learning independently, Induction at NTU conducting research and, during induction, working with their peers When planning induction, it is worth and towards a specified goal.