From superheroes to kid cartoon characters, these characters’ living conditions are perceived by the audience in different ways. If that doesn't make him one of the worst fictional people of all time, his habit of coming in the middle of the night to abuse and rape Ma only makes it that much worse. It doesn't take much to hate a middle-aged … Speaking of terrible fictional teachers, Miss Trunchbull from Matilda is pretty high up on that list as well. Choose a voice. A Sir Anthony Absolute (The Rivals) Nick Adams (In Our Time and others) Parson Adams (Joseph Andrews) A true gentleman. Bob Ewell, the racist asshole who frames the innocent Tom Robinson for raping his daughter, is deservedly one of the most hated book characters of all time. Even fictional characters can't dethrone the likes of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates which just proves that the richest people in the world have an astronomical amount of money! There are characters in books that you just love no matter what, so much so you wish they were real and could be your BFF. The Weasleys are one of the biggest families shown in Harry Potter. This is just such a poor character, and her voice is among the 10 worst voices I have ever heard. Literature's rich characters also vary in their likability -- ranging from appalling to appealing. In some aspects, poverty is obvious to the eyes of the viewer but the character lessens the importance of his living conditions because of the personality that these characters might have. The complete television series is a comedy that leaves the audience accepting El Chavo’s character in a positive manner. They are distinguished by their family unity and their economical conditions since they are sometimes excluded due to their lack of money. Pacha from The Emperor’s New Groove. Yet their unity, sympathy, courage and funny personalities are characteristics that make these characters seen in a positive light by the audience. Learning how to empathize and relate to fictional characters … She locked her students up in a death-trap closet, swung them around by their pigtails, forced them to eat an excruciating large cake — and perhaps worst of all — made her students feel dumb. Within the first few pages of this place, Romeo declares his undying love for one woman, leaves her behind, falls in love instantaneously with another girl, and falls headfirst into an ill-advised love affair. His death brought only joy — which is something that can only be of the demise of a truly loathsome character. ... “An artist is never poor.” It’s Pope Francis’s favourite film. In Nathanael West’s riches-to-rags satire, poor, pitiful, gullible Pitkin is continually dismembered, losing in succession his eye, teeth, thumb, scalp, and leg. And while Nabokov wrote some gorgeous prose, he could never pen a metaphor or simile lovely enough to make me like Humbert Humbert. He's interesting and well-written, but his attitude is seriously awful. Picking the right one not only gives your main character’s name the right ring, but the […] Yes, this love story is great and timeless and iconic, but Romeo is just a spontaneous teenager who maybe needs to stop and think before he jumps into things. Not only was she straight up abusive, but she was controlling, commanding, and evil. Lara Croft. Sometimes, little sisters can be annoying and lovable, and sometimes, little sisters can just be awful. Poor Griet is burdened by more than having to scrub the Vermeer family smalls in this fictional biography of a painting. Some of the most fascinating and influential fictional characters have been British. For years we've dreamt about swapping lives with the world's richest people, just to see how the other half lives, even for a day. So, let the naming of moneyed protagonists begin! Strong character descriptions work on multiple levels. In this movie, the character Pacha is portrayed as a Peruvian villager that ends... 2. A Beverly Hillbilly as born. Popular Fictional Characters Who Are Also Poor 1. But then there's President Coin, who seems like the good guy until her true intentions are revealed. He’ll actually go to the adoption center and pick out a kid only to lock the doors while the child can see a puppy, candy, toys, and all sorts of fun things through the window. 13. Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Count Dracula… They’re the movie characters that are worth a bob or two (well, more like several hundred million). And one thing that inspirational characters all have in common is that they each produce a lesson or two to learn from. The character’s devotion and bravery are seen as positive qualities in the viewer’s eyes. Speaking of whiny characters, the first Transformers cartoon might be best remembered for being many a child’s first taste of the conflict between Autobots and Decepticons, but it also did no favors to poor Starscream.He’s one of the more well-known Transformers today, but years ago the only thing to know him for was being the worst traitor a child could find in a cartoon. Katniss’ willingness to save her sister leads her to volunteer as a tribute to participate in the Hunger Games. This is the list of fictional Native Americans from notable works of fiction (literatures, films, television shows, video games, etc.). Daisy Buchanan is beautiful, rich, and incredibly selfish. Jed was as poor as they come till he stumbled upon black gold in his swamp. The people living in the neighborhood accept El Chavo as part of their daily lives and even as a member of their families. Yes, I loved Twilight as a teenager. Carlisle Cullen: $46bnDespite his lifespan of over three centuries, it is difficult to believe that … – The Huffington Post,, Popular Fictional Characters Who Are Also Poor, How Teddy Bears Keep the Peace in Albania. Eponine Thenardier, from Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables. Her strong, caring and brave personality helps her provide a better future for her mother and sister. Heathcliff is often romanticized by readers, but let's be real: his abusive and manipulative actions are not attractive in the least. So many of the things I hate rolled into 1 character. This character is an orphan kid living under poor conditions in a Mexican neighborhood. Besides being a character with good qualities for the audience, Pacha also teaches Kuzco the value of small things, friendship and hard work. The most memorable fictional characters are the walk-on parts. Like Mitt and the president, wealthy fictional protagonists vary in that some are "to the manor born" while others become affluent from their own hard work. On the other hand, poverty living conditions of some characters can be a crucial element for the character to develop. There are character who dig at you on a more personal level. Morrison created a terrifying monster who seemed all-too-real. They usually display a strong sense of duty and are highly resourceful.