They awarded the game a 91%, saying, "this will become a classic for Mega Drive owners". An anti-shield fire module must be located, then used to destroy the power plant (as the player's regular firepower won't do it); once it's destroyed, the atmosphere will be contaminated, so the player must rescue the workers. Platform. That's where the replay comes in. Game Name. Release Year. Sega Genesis. At all times, gravity is pulling down on the player's ship, which can work to the player's advantage to conserve fuel. [23] In their review, GamePro deemed it "one of the best games of the year" and gave it a near-perfect score, citing the unique concept and outstanding graphics and animation. (Yeah, don't you feel stupid now?) [6] The ship is rotated with the directional pad and the B button applies thrust in the direction it is facing. Sub-Terrania [4] Mega placed Sub-Terrania at number 16 in their Top Mega Drive Games of All Time, calling it "a superb game in almost every way". It's impossible! The Game Subterrania: Aliens have invaded a vital subterranean mining colony. [5] According to Edge, "some of the sprites are very impressive – especially the huge skull on level two – and no matter how much is happening onscreen, there's never any slowdown". YuGiOh. TrollandToad has a large selection of Video Games. [12] Edge and MegaTech noted that getting used to it can take some time, however, it "soon becomes instinctive"[4] and the "high degree of maneuverability becomes apparent". Fly a prototype fighter through impossible caverns to rescue miners and blast the aliens into the darkest pits of space! 2. [9] On the other hand, Sega of America held a Sub-Terrania contest between April to July 1994. [14] Their 1991 Amiga demo "Hardwired" shares many of the visual effects and styles later used in their Mega Drive games, Sub-Terrania and Red Zone. Customer Reviews. Several of the underwater creatures return from the previous level (which will also appear on the final mission), along with the jumping adversary from level 2, and a new acid meter appears onscreen, which, if the player stays in the liquid area for too long, the acidic levels on their fighter will go up too high and the player will lose that ship. [1] However, some felt that there was "nothing technically ground-breaking"[12] and that the game could have used a bit more variety in its scenery. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sub Terrania (Sega Genesis, 1994) at the best online prices at eBay! Compared to normal mode, players get half as many points on easy and twice as many on hard. It was one of the WORST selling games Sega of America ever released, which surprised me... Gamers usually LOVE a challenge! [3], Sub-Terrania features three difficulty modes (Easy, Normal and Hard), all available from the start. When players lose a life, their weapon's power is downgraded by one level. [8][27] The game's soundtrack was described as "superb",[12] featuring a "pseudo-industrial" style[21] and "classy tunes"[4] "that add a heap of atmosphere". The prizes included: all-paid weekends in New York and Los Angeles to attend the Marvel Mega-Tour, VIP tours of the Marvel headquarters, Sega Genesis CDX systems, three games (Gunstar Heroes, Ranger X, and Thunder Force IV), limited editions comic book ashcans, Sub-Terrania hats and T-shirts. The ship is highly maneuverable and fires several shots in rapid fashion, along with having a Mega Shot that will charge over time when not in use. [28], Sub-Terrania appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, by longtime editor of Edge magazine Tony Mott. Each mission has a different set of objectives, which are outlined at the beginning of every new level, which are shown during briefings, gathered by an instrument known as the SatScan. 1994 Sub … It also inaugurated the Console Wars of the 1990s. Credits • Gallery • Cheats • Videos • OST. [12] Hardcore Gaming 101 noted that "pretty much every song in the game is in excess of five minutes long, and is great for listening to outside of the game if you’re into stuff like Juno Reactor". Subterrania Sega Genesis Game cartridge Cleaned, Tested, and Guaranteed to work! eBay Product ID (ePID) 101620459. Genesis. The player needs to destroy the enemy leader on this one (only identified as "The Thing" during the SatScan briefing). Genre(s) Region: NTSC (N. America) ESRB: Everyone. Genre. This game is still one of the hottest titles for the Sega Genesis. ], and other rom codes mean. 4.7. Zyrinx Video game:Sega Genesis Sub-Terrania Sega 1994 Released in 1989, the Sega Genesis heralded the coming of the 16-bit era. On the other hand, their Danish members – David Guldbrandsen, Karsten Hvidberg, Jens Bo Albretsen, Michael Balle, Jesper Jørgensen and Jesper Kyd – decided to form Zyrinx and develop games for the Mega Drive, mainly because they were impressed by the amount of sprites that Sega's console was able to handle compared to the Amiga. The bulk of the missions involve rescuing trapped miners, carrying and utilizing various types of special equipment, collecting sub modules (to allow your attack ship to go underwater), and defeating alien bosses. Sega Genesis. An extra life, missiles (two of those), a module for red, green and blue weapon power-ups, and a shield recharge module all adorn this level. Late in the life of the Genesis came an obscure game known as Sub-Terrania. Mining rails are suspended throughout many levels allowing players to freely slide along them while shooting.