At which site does hematopoiesis occur? Ultrasound. arm Ab., ab abortion, antibody i one prev. There are 40 chondro-related words in total, with the top 5 most semantically related being greek, cell, cartilage, collagen and proteoglycan.You can get the definition(s) of a word in the list below by … chondro-, [Gr. Granular or gritty substance. Chondr/i. Abbreviation Meaning Use or Example a. artery popliteal, a. inj. Chondrocytes are cartilage cells. The definition of chondro means cartilage. "Chondro" in the word chondritis means: A. Cartilage B. Tendon C. Joint D. Rib. 1 decade ago. Pronunciation of Chondro- and its etymology. MD0010 3-7 141 Endo- is also a prefix meaning within or inside. I realized i don't know what chondro is derived from. Favorite Answer. What does chondrophyte mean? of chondros, groats (coarsely ground grain), grit, gristle, cartilage] myospasm. 3 Answers. New EKG Monitor Quiz. All Free. Definition of Chondro- in the Fine Dictionary. cartilage definition: 1. (a piece of) a type of strong tissue found in humans in the joints (= places where two bones are…. For medical care please contact a qualified healthcare provider. Chondrocytes (from Greek chondros cartilage + kytos cell) are the only cells found in cartilage. [G. chondrion, dim. EKG Monitor Quiz. myopathy. Definition: cartilage. This website is intended for use by medical professionals. What is the CF meaning rod-shaped (striated)? Information and translations of chondro- in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Learn more. -able. How to use cartilage in a sentence. (noun) All information is for educational purposes only. Greek: groat, grain, any small rounded mass; cartilage, gristle, granule, or a relationship to cartilage. Sierra ass to mouth! What is the CF meaning cartilage? Ta. noun See chondr-. What are synonyms for chondro-? What does chondro- mean? Relevance. Where C is 3rd , H is 8th , O is 15th , N is 14th , D … Build a medical word that means twitching of a muscle. chondro definition, meaning, French dictionary, synonym, see also 'chondrome',chondre',chondriome',chondroïde', Reverso dictionary, French definition, French vocabulary Metro is the stem meaning uterus. The wonderful thing about this language however, is that in many cases, the names of anatomy related content are incredibly helpful if you just understand that often the words can be broken down into different parts that have meanings. Once you’ve gotten to know the specific parts of the skeletal system a … Cartilage definition is - a usually translucent somewhat elastic tissue that composes most of the skeleton of vertebrate embryos and except for a small number of structures (such as some joints, respiratory passages, and the external ear) is replaced by bone during ossification in the higher vertebrates. Greek: groat, grain, any small rounded mass; cartilage, gristle, granule, or a relationship to cartilage Alternative Notations chondr- chondri-chondr(i)-Flashcard Decks » AMP version of this page. Build a medical word that means embryonic cell that forms cartilage. exacerbation. What is the meaning of chondro-? All information is for educational purposes only. How do you use chondro- in a sentence? Ab. Bone marrow. The CF dactyl/o means: fingers, toes. Example sentences containing Chondro- from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English. A combining form meaning a grain , granular , granular cartilage , cartilaginous . combining form from Greek chóndros "grain (of wheat, salt, etc. Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play! Answer Save. Hi there! About. What is the definition of chondro-? Free online lessons. Muscle B. D. Stomach "Myo" in the word myocarditis means: A. chondro- definition in English dictionary, chondro- meaning, synonyms, see also 'chondr-',chondri-',chondroma',chrono-'. As can be seen from its origin of the Greek word, “chondros” meaning “cartilage”, chondroitin is contained in the joint cartilage in a large quantity. abdomen, abdominal pain in abd. The roots, as always, are essential medical terminology knowledge because once you master these roots (those good ol’ Greek and Latin ones, that is), you can break down any skeletal-related word and discover its meaning. Squish as many over nights as desired on the field. What does chondro mean? Combining forms for cartilage are: chondr/i or chondr/o. Muscle. 1. The CF kyph/o means: humpback. Recover available space for word what would go on. Ok do you brew right into success with a dab sample. 2. Build a medical word that means inflammation of a joint. en"do-me-tri'tis inside/within ***** 142 Peri- is a prefix which means around or surrounding. Cardio is the stem for heart. 20181016. 2 0. nikki W. 1 decade ago. Vein C. Bone D. Cartilage. Hope this helps . For example, th Latin meaning please. pelvimeter. chondr/o. chondro- prefix. Students often not only have a large amount of content to learn, but also struggle to make meaning of the language associated with that content. Example: chondral. Definition of chondro- in the dictionary. Browse our Scrabble Word Finder, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHub word solver to find words that contain chondro. The definition of chondro means cartilage. A. Below are Total 5 words Starting with CHONDRO (Prefix) found after searching through all the words in english. Below is a list of chondro words - that is, words related to chondro. CHONDRO is not a word but only a combination of letters. Meaning of Chondro- with illustrations and photos. Chondro- definition is - cartilage. rhabd/o. Meaning of chondro-. gallop . History and Etymology for chondro-. ), seed, groats, gristle, cartilage (this sense perhaps from the gritty texture of cartilage when chewed)," of uncertain origin . ].A combining form meaning a grain, granular, granular cartilage, cartilaginous; as, the chondro cranium, the cartilaginous skull of the lower vertebrates and of embryos. Similarly, is able a root word? Word Roots and Combining Forms Root Word Combining Form Definition Example A abdomen abdomin/o abdomen abdominocentesis achilles achill/o Achilles’ heel achillobursitis acid acid/o acid (pH) acidosis acoust acoust/o hearing acoustics acr acr/o extremity acroarthritis actin actin/o ray actinodermatitis acu acul/o needle acupuncture aden aden/o gland adenosis adip adip/o fat adipocyte … chondr: An element in modern scientific compound words ( chondro - before a consonant), usually meaning ‘cartilage.’ a grain (of wheat or spelt), cartilage. chondro- , chondrio- Combining forms meaning (1) cartilage or cartilaginous, (2) granular or gritty substance.[G. Related words - Chondro- synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms.